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PRoblem with the wireless lan device

By alanikk ·
ok, so i got my sony vaio laptop with the built in wireless, i used to connect to different sources and everything was ok, but yesterday for no reason the device stoped working, meaning it still turns on, it finds sources to connect to, it even connects as always but this time the internet does not work, web pages don't upload and stuff, it really weird because it "just" happened, i tried to play around with device manager but it says that all devices are working properly... and one more thing that i noticed, i have windows xp and there are these icons of small computers that represent my network etc and it shows that the network is connected and connection speed is very good but the little monitor screen stays black, and it used to turn blue when i was online... i don't know what is the problem and what to do please help Thanks

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PRoblem with the wireless ...

If the wireless device is actually working the most likely suspect is one of the recently released XP Patched which has broken the Wireless connection and is preventing it from making a connection that can transfer data.

I would start with the basics here and see if you can connect to a LAN and read Shared Folders and the like if you can do that then you'll need to open your Browser and look at the Security Settings and make sure that something in there isn't set too high preventing Web Pages from opening.

Is this also preventing you from collecting E-Mail as well? If so you'll need to look at the Firewall Settings which could have been altered by one of the recent Patches by closing a port that the Wireless device was using so you could also try turning off the firewall that comes with XP and if you have another installed turn it off as well.

You can also do an AV and Spy Ware scans in Safe Mode just to make sure that the system is actually clean as you may have picked up an infection which is killing the Wireless connection.


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by G... In reply to PRoblem with the wireless ...

A little addition to HAL...

Check if there's no driver update for your wireless and uninstall it in the device manager then restart the computer.

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by alanikk In reply to PRoblem with the wireless ...

hmm ok i guess it's the windows patch thing, because that's the only reasonable explanation, so how do i get rid of the patch, what do i do? i checked my security setting and they seem to be alright... when i connect to to my cablevision modem through usb port internet works, and when use my linksys card the internet work although a little slower cause the connection quality is low so... i don't know it's the wireless lan that does not work, like i said it says that it is connected but websites won't upload

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by alanikk In reply to PRoblem with the wireless ...

I reinstalled the driver and it WORKS thanks guys, You just saved my life thx thx thx

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