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Problem with Trojans

By durocher.jeanne ·
Hello, I'm having a problem with some trojans. A friend of mine on MSN sent me a link that was actually a virus. I didn't click on it and actually closed the conversation window, but for some reason it infected my computer anyway. I keep getting notifications from Symantec (which I had installed previously) about new trojans, and in the meantime their quarantine and Temp folders are filling up. I can empty the Quarantine folder, but it won't let me do anything with the other (I'm told that the computer "can't read from the source disk"); which of course, means that I'm beginning to run out of disk space. I've had to shut down my laptop (the infected computer) because of it; I'm currently using my desktop.

I came across a topic here in which someone else with a similar problem had it solved by you fine people, and I went through the thread to see if I could solve my own problem the same way.

However, it hasn't worked. I downloaded TrojanHunter, disabled my System Restore and ran Housecall, and ran Spybot twice; one of which was done at startup. However, the problem is still there. All I was able to do was remove infected files (most of which was adware I already knew about and weren't threats; each program I installed ended up finding the same files too), not the infection. Can anyone help me out here?

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2 suggestions.

by deepsand In reply to Problem with Trojans

1) As this is a request for a solution to a specific problem, it properly belongs in the Technical Question & Answer forum.

By reposting there, you are more likely to draw the attention of those who are actively seeking questions that they might answer.

2)When you repost there, you will need to provide specific detail re. the Trojan(s) that you have identified. Without knowing the diagnosis, it's difficult to make the proper prescription for remediation.

Since you Symantec product has noted the Trojan(s) presence, it has also provided the indentity of the intruder(s). Be sure to include this in your question.

Send me a peer-to-peer e-mail when you've posted to Tech. Q&A, and I'll have a look. See you over there.

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How to clean an infected Computer

by Black Panther In reply to Problem with Trojans

First try this procedure I have and let me know how you go

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2 things.

by deepsand In reply to How to clean an infected ...

1) As I've noted above, this is a Tech. Question, and belongs in Q&A, not in Discussions. In fact, the postor has privately contacted me; and, as a result of such, has re-posted to Q&A with additional detail.

2) The material at the link you provided is of a general nature; good for preventative measures but not for the removal of all specific existing viral infections.

In this instance it seems that the machine in question may be infected with a certain RAT that is known to have the ability to hide copies of itself, detect the removal of its components, and automatically repair itself!

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