Problem with Ubuntu 9.10

By DKeith45 ·
I am just toying with Ubuntu this week. I downloaded version 9.10 (700 mb) and installed it on an old 20 gig drive.

I must say... the installation went flawlessly. I was surprised that it detected my LAN and almost everything very nicely... except for one major thing. My display. It was set to an unacceptable 800X600, which sucks on my 21" monitor. I tried the built in software update tool, and allowed it to install the suggested Nvidia driver for my GeforceFX5200 card... only to find upon reboot, that my display was now maxed at 640X480! Arg. I then downloaded the driver myself from Nvidias website, but can't figure out how to install it... but don't know if that would make any difference anyway.

What is most frustrating, is despite much searching on Ubuntu's website and help forums, I can't find any info on how to install a hardware driver independent from their built-in method. I've also asked on the forums for help, and after three days, no answers.

This is a bummer because otherwise Ubuntu looks great. I sure wish there was a way to fix the display problem. Is it just Ubuntu that is at fault? Maybe another version of Linux would do better? Or maybe I just need to add a different video card?

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Linux can be finicky with drivers

by cpubymike In reply to Problem with Ubuntu 9.10

first thing to try would be to run hardware drivers under /pannel/system/administration/hardware drivers.

that should not only pull out what one you actually need but ask you if you want to install it too.

There is also display under /pannel/system/preferances/display.

If none of that works try updating your xorg config file.

feel free to email me about this if you need help.

Best of luck to you I had a heck of a day with Getting windows seven to boot and play nicely with Sabyon and Ubuntu took all say mostly was from what I could tell MS fault

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Thanks for that.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Linux can be finicky with ...

I'd give a thumb for that. :)

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