Problem with usb drive

By ruwindafdo ·
When I plug in my USB device to my XP home computer its accepted normaly but every file & folder that I've saved using my school pc,want show up.I even checked for viruses several times but theres none.Any ideas?

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What happens when....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Problem with usb drive

... you take it back to school and plug it in? Do you see the files there?

What OS are you using at home?

What OS is used at School?

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my OS

by ruwindafdo In reply to What happens when....

Well both Operating Systems are XP. And I do see those files in my school computer.

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Has this usb drive EVER worked on your home computer?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to my OS

I only ask because not all usb drives work on all computers.

I've had a couple that would run on machines in the local library but couldn't even be seen by my laptop, which was sitting in the same room, twenty feet away.

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by ruwindafdo In reply to Has this usb drive EVER w ...

DOODs thanks for your help but I think I know whats the problem with my USB drive. My virus scan is blocking those files.

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