problem with vista network ...

By tomasvaskela ·
Few weeks ago I have build a new PC with the vista home premium installed. everything seemed to be just fine until it was time to connect to the network.
at first network seemed to work fine on vista. I see other xp machines on my network as well as I have access to all files, but vice-versa I discovered a problem. The vista PC has 2 hard drives divided into 4 parts (C-50gb, D-250gb, G-50gb and H-250gb). when I try to access the network from any other machine on the network (this inc. other vistas and xp PC's) it discover the vista PC lets you enter to it to see shared folders, but when you try to open one of them the message pops out "you dont have permission..."
vista made sth called public folder on C drive to share files on the netvork. if I put the files into that folder seems to be everything ok , no problems , but when you try to share any other folder it pops the message.
I have tried various ways to solve the problem, on-off firewall, tried all possible function in network and sharing center, as well as manual configuration of the network/NIC/router ...
i tried googling for this problem but unsucsessful results were following me for the past week.
I have a doubt about that it could be a router because I read people solve network problems on wireless networks by changing AP which is "vista ready" but because i use ethernet cables i have thoughts that wouldn't help.
I would like to get others opinion about this issue before i spend additional money on the new router

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Well firstly I don't think that you have a problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to problem with vista networ ...

Vista is supposed to be more secure than any previous forms of Windows and as such works differently to any previous Windows Versions. The fact that you can share files from the Public Folder on the C Drive only shows that it's actually working without a problem. As you are attempting to do something that was never intended by the makers of Vista and that is share other Drives which most Windows Computers simply do not have is most likely impossible because of the new security.

As for sharing Folders on the different drives or even on the C Drive that is not the Public Folder you'll need to look through the Security Related Help Pages in Vista and if you don't get any help there you're only other alternative is to pay M$ to tell you how to do this if it's even possible so that they know that there is a potential problem if it's not possible and can decide if they want to create a fix but will be unlikely to without enough feedback about the problem from end users. Or they can tell you how to make the system work the way that you want it to and then incorporate better Help Pages into their own System.

You also need to remember that the different versions of Vista have different capabilities and the Home Versions are at the bottom of the Vista Range with far less functionality than any other versions available. So this may be a Design Feature for that version.


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Couple things about home networking

by georgeou In reply to problem with vista networ ...

1. Make sure all your user accounts including administrator are synchronized all all the machines you want to share files between.

2. On that public folder, be sure to add "everyone" with read-only permission (not wise to give everyone read/write). Once you do that, any machine should be able to get in and at least read the files.

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