Problem with VPN and access internet in 1 server

By ultraman6969 ·
Currently we have a problem on setting VPN client (CISCO) and still be able to access the internet.
We have one web server (windows 2003 server) which everyone can access. But recently we have to pull some data from another client, but they ask us to connect via VPN. So, we setup VPN to connect with their server, but once we connect, the internet link is down. No one can access our web site.
We got some suggestions that we should have 2 lan cards on this server, one card for routing to internet and another card connects to VPN server.
We have no experience on setting it work. Also, i am not sure the way that we use is correct or not?
I really need helps on this.
Thank you very much, Sorn

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If I understand your configuration

by robo_dev In reply to Problem with VPN and acce ...

you are attempting to have two active interfaces while the VPN tunnel is active?

This is called 'split tunneling'. The Cisco explicitly blocks split tunneling as a security feature (prevent covert channel).

You can enable split tunneling by changing the VPN configuration.

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Changing on client or server side

by ultraman6969 In reply to If I understand your conf ...

Thank you for fast reply. Not sure VPN configuration that you mention is on client side or server side. If server side, we don't have any permission to do anything.

The problem that i found is when we connect to VPN, we can't access to internet from that server. So that why we come up with 2 lan cards and try to make that server is able to access VPN and internet in the same time.

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If you use 2 NICs then the internet connection

by CG IT In reply to Changing on client or ser ...

is through your ISP.

Most likely, the VPN server you connect to doesn't provide you with network resources such as internet access so all you have is a connection to a VPN server and resources only on that server.

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