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    Problem with web pages


    by warped ·

    Hey guy’s and gal’s here is a stumper.
    I have a problem I have a user that cannot access a certain web page. She can get to the site from another pc but not hers. Others can logon and still not get to the site so it is not a profile issue. I also reloaded the pc with a known good image and still no access just a blank screen. I can goto it just fine with mine. I also loaded firefox and It did not work.
    Now i have a ticket for another user same problem diffrent web site and they are in a diffrent city.

    Anyone had this problem?
    Thanks in advanced

    P.s. they are xp pro with sp2 and sp3, Novell network.

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      by warped ·

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      by shasca ·

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      See if it is an issue with any of the browser addons on that PC. I had simmilar issue with an adobe addon that just started causing “page cannot be displayed”.

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      Can she get to the site via IP address??

      by robo_dev ·

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      can she ping the site URL from the command line?

      ipconfig /flushdns in case old DNS entries are there.

      Some weird LAN issue like a bad switch port?

      Many sites need Java to work, so goto and make sure the Java VM is not hosed.

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