Problem with wireless connection

By gomezer ·
I recently bought a laptop toshiba with XP.

Anyway I recently decided to hook up the wireless in my apartment. So i went out got a wireless router (belkin) and hook everything up like I'm suppose to. Know I am getting a "very Strong" signal to my new laptop But when i got and try to get on the web it wont let me reads "Page Cannot be displayed". Liek as if there was no signal or no internet connection.

I already went to the steps on hokking everything. and router was re-installed twice al ready. I even did a tracert and I get this message "destination host unrearchble" i did a trace to Yahoo.

cliff notes.
* got wireless for my home
*internet works great on desk top
* laptop gets a "very strong" signal from wireless
* cannot get into interenet form laptop.

any suggestions?

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Your wireless router is plugged in to

by Kenone In reply to Problem with wireless con ...

your modem? Your desktop is plugged in to the router? Restart (power cycle) the modem then the router. Did you tell the router to clone the mac address of your desktop?

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by gomezer In reply to Your wireless router is p ...

Yes it goes liek this. cable modem/wireless router(with 4 ports for direct lines).

I'm lost with telling the router to clone? How do i go about doing so?
Thanks in advance

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