Problem with WMP12?

By tentaro ·
I am just trying to play songs from my library and all songs are MP3s. The first one starts playing great and the next song will also play if I allow the first one to finish but......if I try to skip to the next song it takes almost 10 seconds to load the next song. Why is that? Is anyone else having this problem with WMP12? I have turned off anything and everything I thought might be affecting this but to no avail. Would really appreciate the help if anyone has any ideas. I am currently using Winamp with no problems. This is also a fresh install of Win 7, which is another reason why I am not sure why this is happening.

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Depends how you are 'loading' WMP12 with tracks ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem with WMP12?

If you have an album of tracks contained within its own directory, you really need to left click the first track then - holding the Left Shift KEY > click on the last track then right click the entire highlighted group and click on PLAY.

WMP12 will then commence playing the first track in the selected block BUT if you just sit and watch - WMP12 will then show all the other tracks one at a time as it SCANS them into the 'Playlist'. Personally, I would compare WMP12 to building Concorde out of roughly-hewn house bricks, then expecting it to fly.

Forget WMP in any of its guises because it still remains clunky and slow, even in its latest incarnation.

Stick with WinAmp - you'll not find a better music database/player anywhere in the software world.

For added Ooomph - download and run 'Enhancer 017' as the perfect DSP plug-in for WinAmp.

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by tentaro In reply to Depends how you are 'load ...

I was just running it from my library as a whole so yeah...... I guess I will stick with Winamp which I have never had a problem with. I will check out Enhancer 17 thanks. Appreciate the help

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You're welcome.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks

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