Problem with XP bootable USB drive, Greg Shultz's Illustrated walkthrough

By Roy George ·
I'm trying to create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP using
the procedure given in Techrepublic's Illustrated walk-through: Creating a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 (running Vista), a 4 gb Cruzer usb flash drive and a copy of XP Prof installation cd. My bios supports usb booting and so does the usb stick.

I build the PE environment- no errors, no warnings. I create subfolder srsp1 and extract the 2 needed files from Windows Server 2003 SP1. Use pe2usb to format and transfer iso image to usb. So far, so good.
Now, I reboot, this time indicating the boot device as usb. It shows me a solid white bar running all across the bottom of screen and message ... "loading RAMDISK". Then the bar changes to stripes and "Loading BartPE. please wait.." appears. In a few secs., the "blue death screen" appears with "PROCESS1_INITILIZATION_FAILED...".
This is as far as I have reached, and remember, I tried several permutations of this procedure- formatted the usb in FAT, FAT32,NTFS, partitioned the usb into 2 gb and much more.



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This really sounds as if the image you are using is corrupt.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem with XP bootable ...

Have you tried remaking it again?


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Only A Million Times!

by Roy George In reply to This really sounds as if ...

thanx for taking note of me OH Smeg!

Yes, I've tried several times.

I have a theory. Remember when using pe2usb command, it gives a warning that file names longer than 31 may cause "stack ovflo". In Bartpe/i386/system32, at least 3 "hive" files have long names. Could that be...?

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Shot in the dark

by seanferd In reply to Only A Million Times!

It there possibly any Cruzer software/partition left on the stick?

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Good shot

by Jacky Howe In reply to Shot in the dark

You could be onto something there. I've had really good results from using DiskPart on removable drives. I either use them, for Booting from or for transferring Data. The transfer rate, to copy to them, after a Clean and Format, seems a lot faster, than when they were new. I'll be testing, the next new one, that I get my hands on, but I think, that I'm on a winner.

Just drop to a Command Prompt, then type these commands, pressing Enter after each command.
WARNING! This is assuming that you only have one hard drive installed. Disk 0 is the primary hard drive and each drive that you have will increment, disk 1, disk 2 and so on...... The Clean Command will erase the entire contents of the drive.

sel dis 1
cre par pri
for FS=Fat32 quick

exit 'to exit DiskPart

Add your OS and your set to go.

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At the risk of sounding repetitive, "only a million..."!

by Roy George In reply to Good shot

Yes, my friend Jacky, I've tried that too (using diskpart, cleaning, partitioning..). It was suggested my Iso image may be corrupt. How can you tell?

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Three file names by PEBUILDER in subf bartpe/i386/system32. Are they ok?

by Roy George In reply to At the risk of sounding r ...




These are 3 files built by PEbuilder using XP Proff. installation cd.

Do they look ok? Can I omit them?

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They don't show up

by Jacky Howe In reply to Three file names by PEBUI ...

using a google search. I would delete them and see what happens.

Have you got plenty of hard drive space and memory, in the System that you are using to create this. Have you deleted your Temp files lately?

Edit: what is the full error message that corresponds to this.

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Tried It on a Different PC?

by rkuhn In reply to Problem with XP bootable ...

Try booting it up on another PC.

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