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problem with xp programs

Have a 25 computer lab all running xp pro. Have installed educational software (supermath, type to learn...) under my admin account. When students are logged in under their limited accounts they can not use installed software. Confused because I install office xp under admin and all can use. Wondering if anyone could offer help.

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by lmayeda In reply to problem with xp programs

When installing software as the PC administrator, I often am presented with the question "do you wish all users of this pc to be able to run this program?" (of something to that effect). As the PC administrator, try right clicking on the application executable, properties, security. You may have to either add users or change the permissions. Easier than re-installing. Hope this helps.

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by Stephanie873 In reply to problem with xp programs

Try giving your limited-access users full rights to the installation directories for that program. For instance, if you installed a program at C:\program files\mathplus, give them full rights to mathplus and then log on as them and try. A lot of programs can bypass limited windows access by assigning higher permission just on the necessary folder.

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