problematic player

By faiq farooq ·
after charging your portable media player overnight,you turn it on only to find that it is reporting a low battery .second later,it shunt off automatically .what might be wrong?

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and again...

by TobiF In reply to problematic player

If you've got all these problems at once, then I feel a bit pity.
But, I get this feeling that you aren't having these problems yourself. If these questions were given to you for some kind of training situation, then I'd suggest that you try yourself first.
If we'd just feed you with one out of many possible answers, then you won't be prepared for the discussion in class (and even less for real life).

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Internal battery is failing or charger is faulty

by robo_dev In reply to problematic player

Since it cannot hold a charge, it does not have enough power to operate normally.

Try substituting a known-good charger.

If that does not work, then the internal battery of the unit must be replaced.

Unless the unit is a very valuable unit, the cost of battery replacement will likely be greater than the cost of a new unit.

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