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    Problems accessing a website


    by jdroba ·

    I have suddenly been unable to access a website that I can access from my work PC and have been able to access from my home pc for a long time. I cannot find what has changed to prevent me from opening this website. Any one have any thoughts?

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      by jdroba ·

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      Cache perhaps

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to Problems accessing a website

      The cache maintained by Windows containing the webpages and their component parts can sometimes get corrupted. You can clear the contents in Internet Explorer by going to Tools – Internet Options – General – Temporary Internet Files, then select Delete Files.

      Because Windows also caches the IP addresses which have been resolved when you typed in a domain name to go to a website. For one reason or another an obsolete IP address may still be in the cache. You can check the contents of the DNS cache by going to the command prompt and typing in the following:

      ipconfig /displaydns | more

      Press spacebar to scroll forward and Q or Ctrl-C to finish.

      You can clear the DNS cache by typing in the following command:

      ipconfig /flushdns

      Now your browser should get the uptodate IP address from your ISP’s DNS server.

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        Bad Advice

        by anonymous ·

        In reply to Cache perhaps

        To Whom It May Concern,

        Be advised that if you decided to take the above advice and flush you dns using command prompt, you are liable to have problems accessing other sites as well. So not only will it possibly not help your previous accessing issue, but you may have more sites that you will have access problems with and will have to jump through a few more hoops in order to access those sites again.

        What I’m saying here isn’t that the advice provided here won’t be able to help you, but rather that it may cause more harm than good. WHICH WAS NOT MENTIONED OR DISCLAIMER PROVIDED.


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          Flush DNS

          by nimmo ·

          In reply to Bad Advice

          If you flush your DNS cache all it means is that when you want to connect to a site you have to send your DNS query to your local DNS server, if their DNS either doesn’t contain the entry or is out of date your query will be passed to the root server the processed back down to you.

          Back to the issue is it only your PC in the office that can not access this site or is it all of them?

          Do you get any errors/codes?

          Your IT department may have put restrictions on web surfing, installed new filtering software, or your browsers protection levels have been changed either via accident or GPO.

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          by anonymous ·

          In reply to Flush DNS

          It’s not the actual advice I have an issue with (It’s worth considering.) The lack of disclaimer that it can also be a cause for other sites having issues (eg. SQL Error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘XX.X.X.XX’ (XX) SQL Error #: 2003) is what I was speaking about.

          Just another bit of run around that should be mentioned “can” occur.

          Btw, my interest here is not coincidental. I too have a problem “I cannot access a particular website…” either.

          I have tried contacting my ISP…we tried many things. Pinging, clearing cache/cookies/etc, tried making sure internet options were correct (automatic detection, etc), and the folks at my ISP said they have done everything they can think of and assured me they aren’t blocking access to the site I cannot access.

          I even contacted the staff at the site I have had problems with and they too said they are not doing anything to block me from accessing the site.

          I am running out of ideas…but through troubleshooting one thing is clear; I can connect to the site via alternative connection (eg. wifi or other lan line) and any other computer/laptop connected to my ISP connection cannot get access either. So if my ISP, the site itself, and my computer itself aren’t blocking me or having problems, then the common denominator is my modem/router. I am inclined to believe it must be some setting or issue with the router itself that is causing the problem.

          Am i wrong here?

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          by nimmo ·

          In reply to Explained

          I am just wondering if you ISP caches the DNS enteries for a certian amount of time, try a tracert and see what you get back.

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          Here it is…

          by anonymous ·

          In reply to Maybe

          ran a tracert and it shows that @ line 4, 5, & 11 I get a “Request Timed out.”

          C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx>tracert

          Tracing route to []
          over a maximum of 30 hops:

          1 12 ms 4 ms 4 ms home []
          2 28 ms 25 ms 25 ms [99
          3 27 ms 25 ms 25 ms
          4 * * * Request timed out.
          5 * * * Request timed out.
          6 23 ms 22 ms 22 ms [
          7 32 ms 31 ms 31 ms
          8 64 ms 69 ms 53 ms
          9 186 ms 184 ms 184 ms []
          10 188 ms 189 ms 188 ms
          11 * * * Request timed out.
          12 184 ms 182 ms 182 ms []
          13 * 210 ms * []
          14 188 ms 185 ms 185 ms []
          15 186 ms 185 ms 184 ms []

          Trace complete.

          My ISP suggests there is nothing they can do to help. They swear they are not blocking me from any website and thinks it must be the website’s server that is having problems with my IP address.

          I’m wondering if I should try and get a new IP address in case the one I have now is the problem?

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          When I go to that site I get – Major Server Problems

          by computercookie ·

          In reply to Here it is…

          We are experiencing some major server issues at the moment. Logins are not possible so the site is currently down.
          At the moment, it is unlikely the site will be back up for quite a while, if at all 🙁

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          Disregard that warning ComputerCookie

          by anonymous ·

          In reply to Here it is…


          It’s an old message. The point is not that message (b/c I’ve already discussed that with the owners of that site), the point is I can’t even see what you just saw. My browsers time out before even getting there.

          So the question is, why am I able to see that page with other connections with any computer, but with any computer cannot see that page with my current home ISP?

          Something tells me, a new IP address may not help (although I’m willing to try anything at this point.) I am puzzled and baffled by this strange new dilemma I’m having to face. I’ve never heard of it, but by googling I can see that a few others out there have/are experienced/ing the same thing. It couldn’t be a firewall or antivirus or settings with my Internet Explorer/Firefox or cookies or cache or anything on my machine…because if that were the case, then other computers/laptops wouldn’t have the same problem or wouldn’t be in the same predicament as my main desktop. Plus I have gone so far as to reformat my pc and installed just my network drivers so I could access the internet (w/ no firewall or antivirus) and still no dice.

          The only common denominator is the router/modem [2wire] and/or IP address. I’d like to hear what you (or anyone with any ideas) has to say.

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