problems accessing bios after hdd install

By darksoundscape ·
Help me please!

I am having problems accessing my bios after attempting to install a new IDE hard drive. After initially installing the drive, it was acting funky but was recognized by bios but I could not format the drive. Now when I try to access bios during a normal start up I get a black screen saying "sorry windows could not... because of a hardware change. Since, i have completely removed the drive from the computer and device mananger, etc. I don't know where to start, any suggestions would be helpful. Thank You

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OK that error message is presumably because there is no

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to problems accessing bios a ...

Boot Drive in the Computer. As for accessing BIOS you need to look at the initial Boot Screen and press whatever key you are pointed to which is generally the Delete or F2 key depending on the computer Make or at the very least who made the M'Board.

If there is a splash screen that has a makers name like Dell, HP and you no longer have the owners manual you will need to visit the makers Web Site and download a manual for that computer as it will tell you what is required to get into BIOS.

However if you get a splash screen saying something like ASUS you need to visit the M'Board Makers Web Site and download the M'Board manual.

Depending on the age of the computer there may be a max size HDD that is accepted by BIOS as well and this also will be in the users manual so really you need a copy of the users manual before you can go any further.


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Question there !

by jackie40d In reply to problems accessing bios a ...

Did you FDISK it first ? I have a MAXTOR and a Western Digital CD for installing hard drives ( the big ones over 137 gig ) Some times the O/S CD will let you FDISK the drive AND format it !
Have you tried that ? And did you get the Jumpers right like CS, Slave, Master . . With a primary HD the jumper should be set to Slave so it sees it as secondary Drive ! Do the Delete key or F2 or what ever it takes to get into the CMOS to see what its doing with the Hard Drive when you start it up . .And go from there

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