Problems accessing the administrative shared folders

By The_Parasite ·
I'm trying to gain access to the administrative shared folder on my laptop, from my stationary.
They both have XP Pro installed, and the internal network between them works fine.
I have been looking at the Administrative shared folders for experimentation, but had the following problems:

When I tried accessing the C$ shared, I was prompted for a password, but was automatically given the username "Guest". As the guest user is deactivated on my laptop, that user was pretty useless.

1. Is there a way I can connect from XP to XP, without getting the guest user? Preferably without changing any settings on my laptop.

I tried booting my stationary from a live Linux USB, and the network manager there showed the C$ folder. When trying to access it, I was prompted for both username and password, and I gave the username and password for the Admin user on the laptop. This didn?t work, I was just prompted for the password again. (I checked for spelling and caps)

2. I had access to the other (normal) shared folders, but not the C$ one, so how come it didn?t work?

In advance, thank you for your help, and your time.
- Steffen

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by shasca In reply to Problems accessing the ad ...

Here is a good step by step guide that will help you troubleshoot your networking issues.

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Easy way

by IC-IT In reply to Problems accessing the ad ...

Simply add the same user name and password that is on your desktop to the notebook.
You don't have to actual use that account on the notebook. This allows you credentials to access the admin share (insure that the account is part of the admin group).

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hard way?

by The_Parasite In reply to Easy way

Is there a not-so-easy way?
As I'm mostly doing this for experimentation, and to learn, so simply adding an extra user isn't exactly what I am looking for...
thanks for the tip though, is usefull to know the easy way too :)

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Normally when you install XP Pro

by Jacky Howe In reply to Problems accessing the ad ...

you are encouraged to create a password for the main Administrator account for security. You can see if you can connect using those credentials.
I have the same Administrative accounts on XP Pro and Windows 7. I just went to a command prompt and typed in net use X: \\w780\c$ and was connected. You will have to authenticate before you will be able to connect.

C:\Documents and Settings\Rob>net use /?
The syntax of this command is:

[devicename | *] [\\computername\sharename[\volume] [password | *]]
[/USER:[dotted domain name\]username]
[/USER:[username@dotted domain name]

NET USE {devicename | *} [password | *] /HOME


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Error 5

by The_Parasite In reply to Normally when you install ...

Thanks, this was what I was looking for... unfortunatly it doesn't seem to work.
I write "net use x: \\sd\c$" and then I'm prompted if I want to login as sd\Guest (press enter) or write a new username. I write the admin username and password for my laptop, wait a few seconds, and then I recieve the message "Systemerror 5"...
If I uderstand it correct, the error 5 meens that I'm not admin, but I'm using the right admin name and pass, and I have admin rights on the desktop...
Do I have a default setting on my laptop somewhere, that denies admin access, or could it be something else?
Thanks for your post though, it was quite helpfull :)

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Which name are you using?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Error 5

Are you using 'admin' or are you using 'administrator' or are you trying to log in with your own username?

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To ThumbsUp2:

by The_Parasite In reply to Which name are you using?

I?m using my laptop username. (The laptop has my main user "Steffen" with admin rights, and a guest user, that is deactivated.)
There shouldn?t be any more users then that, unless windows have a default admin user, that is hidden from the user management screen, in the control panel :) (I really hope not)

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re Default......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to To ThumbsUp2:

The default admin login is "Administrator".

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You are being

by IC-IT In reply to Error 5

told basically the same thing. If the user name administrator has the same password as the user name administrator on the other system (or as above another account) then you can access the admin share.
You don't even have to use the other account to logon on, not even once. You have simply created a set of authorized credentials.
The only other way is to use an exploit.
After all the OS should at least have a semblance of security. ;-)

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To bwilmot@...:

by The_Parasite In reply to You are being

I first tried making a new account on my desktop, with the same admin rights, username and password as my admin user on my laptop.
I logged onto that user on my desktop, and tried to connect to my laptop with NET USE, and after being prompted for the username and password, I got the error 5 again...
I then tried making a new admin user on both computers with the same username and password, rebooted, and logged into the new users on both systems.
I then tried NET USE again, giving the new test admin username and password, when prompted.
Still got the error 5 message...
Not sure I want to start using exploits on a working system (that I use a lot) :)
And the reason I?m doing all this, is actually to see HOW secure that "semblance of security" is :)

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