Problems adding printer after using Cleanspl.exe

By sapinto ·
Hi, I'm helping someone get printing back on track and have run into a brick wall.

They were able to print up until a few days ago. Well, knowing that they had a lexmark before I tried to disable and remove the lexmark print spooler service. When that didn't work I decided to try and use Cleanspl.exe to effectively reset the print settings to factory default. Once that was done I tried to have them hook the printer back up...nothing as far as plug and play goes. I downloaded the drivers, installed those and it saw it...but it couldn't complete the installation. Every time there is a restart or the printer is reconnected there is an error thrown that says "The specified port is unknown." I have tried to reinstall the printer drivers again, but I think it may have something to do with cleanspl.exe cleaning out either the USB print monitor or something else I need. I have had the user plug something else into USB and it worked perfectly.

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Go into Device Manager

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problems adding printer a ...

And remove the USB Ports and everything connected with the USB Devices. Remove the Printer Drivers by uninstalling it completely.

Shut down the computer and unplug every USB Device. Then reboot and allow the system to find the USB Ports and install them and then shut sown again and plug in every USB Device except the printer.

If it all works properly now start to install the printer without it connected and only connect it when you are asked to.

If that doesn't work you'll need to repeat the above and then use Crap Cleaner to remove any traces from the registry and other places on the HDD.

Then try again.


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Seems that you kill spooler monitor that you shouldn't

by dreron In reply to Go into Device Manager

cleanspl.exe remove everithing from your spooler, and if you don't ask "NO" when prompted, it will also get ride of some critical print monitors.

To restore them:

Get printmig from microsoft site

Make a backup in a healty computer (if it can print it should be good, but the better option is a backup from a fresh installation of xp, so it will only restore basic functions and no printers installed on the other computer)

Finally, restore from that backup to the problem computer.

You have the option to do it over the network, but if it doesn't works you can always copy the application and the backup to the computer with problems.

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