Problems after our PDC is not online

By janko.syky ·
We have 2003 AD in our company.Both PDC,BDC running 2003 Std Server. But when PDC fails or we have to shut it down for admin purposes, the BDC is not able to takeover the PDC roles. So users are not able to authenticate and cannot use resources from our system. Is there any way to check,where could be the problem? I run the dcdiag tools but all replications seems to be OK. Is there any recommendation from all IT Pros about this issue ? Many thanx )

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Global Catalog role

by CG IT In reply to Problems after our PDC is ...

you need to assign the Global Catalog role to the second DC.

here's a MS KB on that

or you can use cached credenials

here's a MS KB

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Global Catalog

by janko.syky In reply to Global Catalog role

Thank You for your recommendations.
I checked all settings. Our 2nd DC(BDC) is holding the Global Catalog. Our 1st DC(PDC) which has Operations Master role is not Global Catalog holder. Should I change it, so 1st DC will be Global Catalog holder !? Do You think that this might solve the problem that I have described earlier !? Is it possible to have 2 Global Catalog holders for one domain !?
I checked dcdiag results and find something like:
starting test: systemlog
An Error Event occured. EventI 0x00000457
Time Generated: 12/20/2006 12:29:07
Event String could not be retrieved)
......................... dcname failed test systemlog

Thank You AGAIN! :) Cheers ...

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it's best practice

by CG IT In reply to Global Catalog

best practice is to have redundancy so yes, you can have 2 DCs with the global catalog role. matter of fact, if you have sites, best to stick 2 DCs in them as well.

or original question was, when your first DC goes offline, users can't log in. That indicates the second DC doesn't have the Global Catalog role assigned to it. There could be other problems however unless the second DC has the global catalog server, when the first goes off line user will not be able to log in no matter what. So, the only way to know if there are more problems is to assign the second DC the global catalog role and take the first off line to see if that solves the problem.

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DC Diag

by janko.syky In reply to it's best practice

Thanx again for you helpful tips.
But before I will proceed with 2nd global catalog I have another question.
I'm running dcdiag to be sure that all is fine(before),but getting this message:

An Error Event occured.EventI 0x00000457
Time Generated: 12/21/2006 07:32:26
Event String could not be retrieved)
......................... dcname failed test systemlog

I've searched the WEB but couldn't get straight answer. What does this means to me? Is this something that I should take care of or not? I really don't understand this error message. What is your opinion about this ?
Many thanx

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