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problems after running Ad Aware..HELPPPPPPP

By tmazam0542 ·
After running Ad aware to scan for all the creeps it picked 1062 files that it quarantined. From then on it has been refusing to open IE and its become so so slow. A pop up called web dialler keeps coming up with some agreement that I must click on...sounds wrongI am using XP and the other thing is its refusing to load AVG. Please someone help

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Try this out

by rohit In reply to problems after running Ad ...

=> Delete all the quarantined files.
=> Dont click the dialer. say no.
=> Reinstall XP if IE not working.

=> Uninstall Ad-aware, Re-install it, Update Ad-aware and run it again.

Should help you.

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Get rid of Ad-aware

by bdx In reply to Try this out

maybe the following might even help better, check the website off and get their GiantAntispyware, install the 15 days FREE version, update it and let it run, , this program can also serv and protect your system against threats.

I work at a large company, and the helpdesks use adaware, after that I scanned it with Giant, well it found another 20 dialers and threats.

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get rid of giant!!!

by husp1 In reply to Get rid of Ad-aware

also a false hitter, this program detected cookies that did not exist and it choses random programs and hits on non existant dll's. tested this on seven different machs. with same programs but different OS's

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Adaware SE is just fine...

by Mr L In reply to get rid of giant!!!

...for probably 90% of what is out there. Run deep/full scans, keep it updated, and most of your headaches will be resolved. Now, use a little common sense and take a look at what it (or any other cleaner) wants to nuke before you say yes...but we're all techies and I don't need to tell you folks that...right?

If you have deep-rooted spyware/BHOs that adaware can't dig out, you'll need HijackThis, which will give you wonderfully detailed views but take note: This is NOT for the faint of's deep diving into your file system/ regback FIRST!

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Spybot & Ad-Aware

by mtrn3337 In reply to Adaware SE is just fine.. ...

Two of the top Spyware removal programs to be found are free! I have been using both Spybot and Ad-Aware now for several months. They seem to compliment each other. What one doesn't find, the other does and they seem to do it quite harmoniously. Make sure you download the latest versions of each program and check for updates frequently. Make sure you read up on both download pages and run them weekly if you have high Internet usage on your PC. Also, the most comparable browser out there that seems to deflect Active X installs, or Malicious installs is Mozilla's Fox Fire. It's always a good idea to have an alternate browser installed on your system, for browser backup purposes. You can import all of your IE favorites and you can add/delete components to customize the browser to suit you. Good Luck.

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Ad-Aware & Spybot

by Bratt In reply to Spybot & Ad-Aware

I have been using Ad-Aware and Spybot together for over a year on our systems and have yet to have any issues with it I would try and run Spybot now because it sounds like something else in on your system that Ad-Aware didn't find.

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Here here!

by A50MHzHam In reply to Spybot & Ad-Aware

Yes! Firefox is a definite improvement over IE in so many ways. But I'd upgrade AdAware to the SE version. Two slight caveats: AdAwareSE comes up with a page of threats and then also a page of trivial threats. On that 2nd page is mostly MRU: The list of files you opened in word, media player, the start-run dialog etc. Although there's some potential privacy threat, you may not want to clear those things, so read the screen carefully before you check those boxes. And with Firefox, there's full control over every last extension, unlike IE plugins. You should really get AddBookmarkHere 0.5.3 or later from
to make adding bookmarks more intuitive. And look at the Mouse Gestures extension. That's just cool.

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Run AdAware SE in Safe Mode

by jdclyde In reply to Adaware SE is just fine.. ...

Doing a full scan in safe mode lately has been required to remove the nastier bugs.

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I Second the Motion!

by mwilkinson In reply to problems after running Ad ...

Ad-Aware and Spy Search & Destroy should be used in conjunction. I have used this combination on many machines with good results! Keep your definitions up to date! I have also taken to scanning everything in "Safe Mode" - just seems to run faster!

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I third the motion

by tje007 In reply to I Second the Motion!

I have had good luck with both programs too. I did find that you don't quarentine the " alexia" files that adaware wants to take out. this is an MS file that for some reason AdAware wants to take out. you might try reinstating the alexia files and see if that helps.

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