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problems after running Ad Aware..HELPPPPPPP

By tmazam0542 ·
After running Ad aware to scan for all the creeps it picked 1062 files that it quarantined. From then on it has been refusing to open IE and its become so so slow. A pop up called web dialler keeps coming up with some agreement that I must click on...sounds wrongI am using XP and the other thing is its refusing to load AVG. Please someone help

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Ad aware problem

by ferro74 In reply to problems after running Ad ...

I would use Webroot Spy sweeper instead. Ad-aware is a good program, but has issues. Try going to this link

This cleared up my issue that I had with IE not opening up.

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AD Aware Problem

by dragonkeeper66 In reply to problems after running Ad ...

First if you have downloaded SP2, this is the problem. Get ahold of Ad Aware for a download. If not did you go thru and check each "Bug" and then Querentine them and then deleat the Querentined files ? email me and I might beable to help. Jim (

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by kevg In reply to problems after running Ad ...

1st, check what's loading in your startup files using MSCONFIG. You might find that the dialer is in there.
2nd get "SPYWAREBLASTER" and "SPYBOT - SEARCH AND DESTROY". I use all 3 as well as antivirus.

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use an all round Privacy Defender

by TeenTown In reply to problems after running Ad ...

Have you tried Privacy Defender?

Could be an option for you, if you are still having problems.

This free spyware software includes hard drive, memory and window registry scan for malicious adware spyware, plus homepage protector, activeX protection, and popup blocking.

They also make sure you can scan your pc for free.

alternitivley, see for Instructions for - Spybot S & D and Ad-aware.

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Thank u all

by tmazam0542 In reply to use an all round Privacy ...

Thank you so much for all your comments. I ran the spysweeper but it still wont open IE but will try the next. Thanks again and will keep u posted of the outcome

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by Gryfon In reply to Thank u all

There's quite an extensive list of steps to take when checking for/removing spyware and other malware. One suggestion is to go to and use their online virus scanner to scan your system. It's really good at finding viruses and trojans. However, if you cannot get IE to open, you're hooped as far as that goes.

My next suggestion is to visit the forums at they list a bunch of steps to take first, then they'll ask you to post a log of your Hijack This scan. Don't post in another person's thread. Also, I've often found the solution to problems by looking in the other threads and not posting at all.

Typing an exact description of your problem into Google may help give you some answers too. My hunch is a piece of spyware was removed, but not completely, so it 'broke' IE.

Good luck!

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Try GiantAntiSpyware

by bdx In reply to problems after running Ad ...

If you really need a serv and protect program, try GiantAntiSpyware, 15days FREE version, find it at


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web dialler

by Quaint_Data In reply to problems after running Ad ...

Do a search from safemode administrator account for this dialer name. Check your add remove programs and see if it is installed uninstal it.
Go to regedit from run start and highlight my computer, then using the edit option choose find and type in the exact name of the dialer you have when it finds them delete it.
Run ad aware from this account and see what it finds. Delete all temporary IE files.

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Ways to secure your system

by support In reply to problems after running Ad ...

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