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I have a problem after i restored my laptop (samsung R505) that it has started to go really slow on my user, snd it goes at normal speed on a different user. Is there somthing that i need to do, or is it a virus?

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A couple of things ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PROBLEMS AFTER SYSTEM RES ...

What do you mean by "really slow" - is this a slow boot, a slow login, or slow after you've logged in?

What programs do you have installed that are ONLY accessible by your User ID? (Programs that the other User has no access to)

What OS are you running with?

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by simeonnorris In reply to A couple of things ...

Its on windows vista.
When i mean slow, i mean when ive logged in all aplications like firefox dont even run, they stop responding, some applications work if i walk off for a while, however i wont be able to click on anything.
All programs i use can be used by everyone.

I did a system restore because my computer froze, and so i swiched it off, however when turning it back on it didnt go onto the windows OS. so i restored it.

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Viruses can and do infect System Restore points ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ...

The general rule is that when you are running anti-virus scans, you are best doing so with System Restore turned OFF and the anti-virus scan running from Safe Mode.

If your system will boot up and run, I suggest you do just that.

Turn System Restore OFF and reboot into Safe Mode. Run your anti-virus scan from there. After running your anti-virus scan, you should also run a system scan with Malwarebytes AntiMalware:

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new problem

by simeonnorris In reply to A couple of things ...

Now that ive done what you told me to do, i have a new problem. Its still the same however it now takes a long time to boot. Is there another way?

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user corrupt

by Jay217 In reply to PROBLEMS AFTER SYSTEM RES ...

Your user may be damaged. Try creating a new user and transferring all of your documents and music etc over to it.

Run malwarebytes and your virus program in safe mode first. Another program to try is it will give you much more detail about what starts when logging in then windows will. You will have to install it in admin mode (if your running vista).

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Test Your Computer's Memory Using Windows Vista Memory Diagnostic Tool

by Jacky Howe In reply to PROBLEMS AFTER SYSTEM RES ...

Using this tool will require a reboot, so keep that in mind before you launch it.

Type memory into the Run box or press the Windows Key+r, and you should see the first option will say Memory Diagnostics Tool.

A dialog will pop up asking if you want to reboot and check for problems now, or check for problems the next time you restart.

If you choose to restart now, Vista will reboot into the memory diagnostic utility:

Or it can be acheived this way

You'll have to hold down F8 on startup to get into Safe Mode, press Esc to get to the memory checker page and press TAB and then press Enter.

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