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Problems at start up

By karentaylor ·
HI, computer was working fine and then my sister turned it back on and all it keeps saying now is 'Please insert Boot Disk'. Any help or suggestions?

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by AKwok In reply to Problems at start up

There must be something wrong about the system harddisk. The better is just the boot sector or those system files gone bad or corrupted. Worst is the Harddisk had been physically damaged.
Boot your system by a bootable CD or Floppy diskette, then check the HDD.
It can be done by using the Windows CD or if you're using Brandname system, use the system CDs provided (if any).

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by Matrixcsl In reply to Problems at start up

Your windows is damaged and/or your PCs hard disk drive is faulty. Go into the system BIOS (usually press DELETE key when you see the message "press DEL to enter setup"). Set your CD drive as the FIRST boot device, followed by Hard disk drive. Restart computer with your windows CD in the drive, choose INSTALL WINDOWS. The hard disk drive will be scanned first, if there is a problem with it, windows will not install. New hard disk drive required in that case. Hope this helps.

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by nikharkashyap In reply to Problems at start up

Firstly, open your PC and check if the IDE cable is properly connected to your harddrive and that the other end of the cable is properly connected to the motherboard. Just to be sure, unplug the cable and plug them back in. Sometimes cables become bad, replace the cable with the the other one you have in your PC. If this does not work, press 'delete' to access CMOS at boot (sometimes its F2, TAB or F8 at boot to enter CMOS) and make sure the primary master is the Harddrive. Browse around a bit more in CMOS and change the first boot device to CDROM and the second boot device to Harddrive 0. Boot from the CD, let the setup go on until you reach the point where you automitically reach the screen with 3 options. Choose option 2, which is to enter the recovery console, if it lets you get into the recovery console, then you PC can be fixed. If not, you will have to give your harddrive to a local repair store. In recovery console, which is DOS mode, it will ask you for your admin password. (The password you created while installing windows). Then at the command promt type fixmbr. This will repair your master boot record. See if this works.

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by InletGroveHS In reply to Problems at start up

You may also want to check the simplest thing. I have "fixed" countless computers that have had this "problem" only because someone left a non-bootable floppy disk in the drive. So just be sure that there is no floppy in the drive

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