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    Problems booting from my Sony Laptop – Novice


    by jeffbigmore ·


    I have a Sony SZ3XWP/C. I didn’t shut down properly and it won’t start Windows XP Professional. I can hit F2 and get to the BIOS but that’s it. (get grey screen after) Sony didn’t ship it with any CD’s so I can’t insert a recovery disk. Can I create one?

    Any help appreciated!

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      by jeffbigmore ·

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      If you could make a Recovery set

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You would have been instructed to do this when you originally got the system new. These systems if they don’t come shipped with Recovery CD’s allow you to make them when you first get the system and make the Recovery CD’s from a Hidden Partition on the HDD.

      Unfortunately you need a working system to make the Recovery Set which can be up to 8 CD’s on some machines.

      Your best bet would be to contact Sony Direct in your country and ask to buy a Recovery Set of CD’s for that particular model and buy them from there.

      If you know anyone with the same make & model machine they can make a recovery set for you but failing that it’s buying one set from Sony.

      You can always [b]RTM[/b] Read The Manual as it may be possible to press a different key and reinstall the OS from there but if that’s the case you are likely to loose your existing data.


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