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    Problems booting with Windows 98SE


    by anchorsaway ·

    I have bought a new motherboard and processor, took all of my boards out of my old PC and put them in my new one (ex. modem, video card, etc.). I went from a 500 MHz AMD processor to a 1.2GHz AMD processor. When I first tried to boot it up, it went blank, then I rebooted it, and went into safe mode, and it came up. Any ideas as to why this would be? Does this video card not support that fast of a processor? Do I need a different video card? I am stumped on this one.

    I went into the CMOS and made sure everything was set right in there, and it all looked fine. I ran scandisk on it, and that messed it up. Now all I need to do is save the data on the hard drive, I guess by making it a slave.

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      Problems booting with Windows 98SE

      by bladedthoth ·

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      I actually just cropped up with this same issue with both a recent upgrade with Win98SE AND another computer with WinXP. It seems that the AGP interface driver usually is the culprit. It will try to load up the old AGP driver and run the AGP card’sdriver, and just croak. WinXP is smart enough to return to a generic AGP driver and VGA driver, so you can set up the hardware in Normal Mode. However, Win98SE is not, or so it seems. The way I would recommend doing the fix is to boot into safe mode and delete both the AGP driver (Make sure you tell it to uninstall completely, usually found under System devices) and then also uninstall the AGP card driver (Under Diisplay adaptors), and then reboot into Normal Mode. Autodetection should realizethere is no longer a driver, and boot with generic drivers, so you can update the drivers (Recommend getting the newest drivers, even if Win98SE has drivers for the hardware.)

      If you still need help, drop me an email 🙂


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      Problems booting with Windows 98SE

      by thechas ·

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      You don’t “need” a new video card.
      However, I suspect your current card is a 1X AGP.
      So, a newer 4X AGP card may have better performance.

      1. If this is a SDRAM style motherboard, it is recommended to set the CPU speed manually in BIOS settings.
      For some reason, many of these boards “underclock” some CPUs.
      And, for whatever reason, Athlon / Duron CPUs don’t work well when underclocked.

      2. When you changed motherboards, you changed a lot of the devices and thus the drivers that windows needs to use the devices.
      What you need to do when installing a new motherboard, is;
      Go to device manager, and remove all motherboard related devices.
      Shut down the PC.
      Swap the boards.
      Load the correct drivers for the new motherboard.

      3. If you are lucky, you will get most of your problems repaired by installing the correct drivers for the chipset on the new motherboard.
      You may need to re-install your video card and other drivers after updating the chipset drivers.

      4. In BIOS settings, make sure that the video card related settings are correct for your card.
      If you have an AGP card, you may need to set the AGP speed to 1X or 2X in BIOS. (Unless the card is a 4X card)

      5. At this point, a re-install of Windows may be what you need to do.
      Follow this sequence when installing drivers:
      Mother board / chipset
      Video card
      Other cards.

      Make sure to check with the modem and sound card mfg.
      Some mfgs require installing the drivers before installing thecards.


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      Problems booting with Windows 98SE

      by anchorsaway ·

      In reply to Problems booting with Windows 98SE

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