Problems connecting PS3 to schools wifi

By NFL 2K5 ·

I am currently living in the college dorms and am having problems trying to connect my PS3. When plugging it in wired, the connection works perfectly (tested on friends ps3), but unfortunately my PS3s ethernet slot is broken.

My school uses a WPA2-Enterprise connection with AES encryption type. It also uses "Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)" authentication method. When connecting my computer to this wifi I simply just enter the username and password of my student account in a prompt box that appears, but when my ps3 scans for wireless the schools wifi shows as "Not supported".

Is there any way that I can get my ps3 connected wireless to this wifi? Would I have to buy a router/modem, and if so what would I have to do to get it working? Thanks!

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Well, sort of

by robo_dev In reply to Problems connecting PS3 t ...

While a PS3 can do WPA-2 it cannot do PEAP, LEAP, or other authentication methods.

A router cannot do this either.

The only way to make this work (besides getting your LAN port fixed) would be to:

a) configure a PC to use Internet Connection Sharing. The PC would need both wired and wireless interfaces.
b) install a router application, either a windows-based one, or some Linux-based dedicated router. It too, would need both interfaces.
c) Buy a Cisco 'workgroup bridge' ($$$) which can do PEAP and connect to college WLAN.

What you need is a WLAN bridge that does PEAP...only Cisco makes that, or you roll your own using a router app or ICS.

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Thanks, still could use a bit more help if possible.

by NFL 2K5 In reply to Well, sort of

Thank you for the reply. I think option 3 is a bit too expensive for me.

Option one seems to need a router in all the guides that I have looked up regarding that. I tried downloading a router application, and I seem to get an error. I will try working around more, but what exactly do you mean by needing both a wired and wireless interface?

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It means the PC that you install the router application on

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks, still could use a ...

Needs to have a wired ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter

Now that I think of it, what you need is built into windows, it's called Internet Connection Sharing

ICS lets you connect to the Internet over one network interface and connect other stuff to the network on the other network interface. It's a little tricky, but easier than setting up a router application.

You then configure the PC to connect to school network via wired Ethernet, setup ICS, and then configure the game console to connect to it.

Personally I have set this sort of thing up using an old app called Winroute, but I think ICS will work.

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