Problems connecting to the internet through Windows Server 2003 VPN

By lambchopdc ·
I can connect to the VPN from the client, but cannot access the internet through the VPN. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

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Could be your IP scheme

by joseph.alioto In reply to Problems connecting to th ...

Does the network with the RRAS server have the same IP address scheme as your remote connection? (I.E. 192.168.0.x/24) Because if this is so your connection to the VPN becomes an issue because you will have an ip of 192.168.0.x/24 on the Local Area Conneciton and you will also have a PPP Connection of 192.168.0.x/24 I have run into an issue like this before and it is simple to solve. I always use a different ip scheme for the offices. Such as a 10.10.100.x/24 so that this will never occur. If this is not the case I will need more info as to what the errors are.

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by SWells In reply to Could be your IP scheme

Have you set the VPN client to use the default gateway on the remote network?

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by joseph.alioto In reply to Gateway?

If you right click on your VPN connection and choose properties. Go to the "Networking" tab and select "TCP/IP", click "Properties". Click "Advanced" and uncheck the box "use default gateway on remote host". Click OK until you're out of all the windows. If you're currently connected to the VPN, disconnect and restart. You'll now use your ISP instead of going through the VPN. This will speed up your connection to the internet by leaps and bounds. As well as you should still be able to access your server (Email, SQL, Files, Printers, etc...) Ya know. Any and everything that you can access from the office.

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by jeffrey In reply to Problems connecting to th ...

Can you help me set up my VPN please I really need some help please

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Client connection

by JFAIRLIE In reply to Problems connecting to th ...

Under the VPN setting under networking
you need to change the property on the connection. in the network tab change the TCP/IP then under advance opeions there will be a option to use the default gateway. Un check it. then the client will use the local internet at the client side to get to the Internet. If when you check ipconfig while in a VPN session then the PPP default gateway should be blank. By default it will point to it self. like the IP I get is my gateway will be by default. You need to get that gateway off the client. it is under the VPN setting on the client. good luck!

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