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    Problems converting Access 2003 to Adobe pdf


    by swisstonihasher ·

    Hi there,

    I have an user that’s created a report into Access 2003 and now wants to convert to pdf. The problem is that the “boxing” around content tables is partly missing after the conversion. Some tables have the bottom line missing or side “wall” missing. This is all done on Adobe v8 of the software.

    Has anyone come across this before and found a fix?

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      by swisstonihasher ·

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      PDF file from Access report

      by dfmahoney1 ·

      In reply to Problems converting Access 2003 to Adobe pdf

      I don’t have a specific solution for your problem but here are a couple of items to test: 1. try producing the report as a snp file to test that all the formatting is coming through; 2. try producing the pdf manually using (e.g.) pdf Factory ( as a test. I produced many Access reports with this and had no difficulty with boxes or borders. This can be automated also and is reported to give very good pdf representations 3. Try larger margins.

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        Print To PDF

        by trajmag ·

        In reply to PDF file from Access report

        If the report format is set up correct, try going to “Print” in “Files” and selecting Adobe. Then save somewhere and print the PDF as usual.

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          by swisstonihasher ·

          In reply to Print To PDF

          Okay thanks…

          Just finished doing the updates for latest version of adobe, will then try what you say..

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          free pdf creator

          by route81 ·

          In reply to Thanks

          I always use PDFcreator. (
          It simply installs as a printerdriver so all you have to do is make whatever you want in the layout that you want and ‘print’ it to PDFcreator. You really don’t have to do anything special for it.
          You can even select different dimensions of paper (from letter to A0) if desired.

          It’s possible Adobe itself does the same, but this is free and almost completely transparent.

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