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Problems Facing Network Admis Today?

By Timothy.Fenton ·
I am currently a CNS student at TSTC in Waco Texas. I am gathering information for a paper I am writing regarding Network Administrators. I was wondering if you might be able to assist me with some of my research. I was wondering what Network Administrators might feel are the top 5 problems facing them and their networks today. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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by Kinetechs In reply to Problems Facing Network A ...

Here a some at the top of my list.

1) Viruses/Worms/Trojans/etc.
2) Hackers (internal and external)
3) Untrained end users
4) Budget cuts
5) P2P on a corporate network

Good luck,

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by Timothy.Fenton In reply to
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by ChrisDent In reply to Problems Facing Network A ...

My list is very much like the one above.

1. Viruses / Worms / Trojans etc
2. Application of Software (OS and other) Patches, especially on servers.
3. Unauthorized Software (as above with P2P, Messenger programs etc)
4. External and Internal hacking
5. Expense of network expansion and budgetry constraints

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by Timothy.Fenton In reply to
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by Pr0x1 In reply to Problems Facing Network A ...

Let me answer with a different approach, from a business point of view:
1. Limited resources due to tighter budgets and cuts to IT staff
2. Limited tools/upgrades/utilities due to tighter budgets and cuts
3. Following the "doing more with less" perception, while Network Admins shine their brightest by being pro-active/preventing problems from occuring, due to tighter budgets and cuts, I have seen most clients move from being proactive to being REACTIVE at administration and support.
4. Perception of IT as a utility - think of an electric company. If you flip the switch and the light goes on, you did your job (as expected). But the one time the light goes off, whoa! Negative results. Very hard to evaulate performace with the business viewing IT as a utility. Relates to the business not understanding the value of IT(not understanding the value of a light switch and the power company behind it). The network is a classic example, cause everyone expects it to "just work," and most of the business (in most companies, not all) hasn't a clue as to how it works, nor what it takes to support it.
5. I'll keep this one technical and agree with answers 1 and 2. New threats from both internal and external resources. As technology improves, so do the types, methods and ways to attack. As a result, the importance of my #1 and #2 are even higher. Harder to keep up with all the patches, upgrades, and education of the threats, which means current resources (what's left of them) have to educate themselves and find ways to protect against those new threats, but without having the funding (or limited funding) to do so.

I hope this helps. Of course this is not the case for all companies, just a general view from my experience as a Consultant who deals more with Sr/Exec management. Ironic how most of my information comes form the resources "in the trenches" (miss being there). Iroinic that the information I gather FOR those execs is from their own people.

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by Timothy.Fenton In reply to
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by Timothy.Fenton In reply to Problems Facing Network A ...

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