Problems for Pavilion DV6000 LCD screen

By royaleagle ·
starting 1 week ago the bottom 1/3 of my screen would go beserk meaning the it might go white fuzzy or show the image from the top 1/3 in the bottom 1/3... it seemed really weird at the time but squeezing the screen or closing the laptop and opening it back up would fix the problem... 2 days ago the bottom 2/3s go white and fuzzy... which makes it a big pain to work on my laptop... the first 3 times this happened the problem was fixed by opening and closing the laptop... now doing that doesn't seem to work... I have taken all of the screws out and removed the covering over the lcd screen to see if there were any loose wires... I have not found any... I was wondering maybe there is a problem with this card/chip that sits just below the LCD screen or if it was a problem with the LCD screen? Any ideas?

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Suspect hardware problem

by nepenthe0 In reply to Problems for Pavilion DV6 ...

There is free video card diagnostic software available from CNET:

Rick/Portland, OR

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The graphics signal is 'wired' via one of the hinges ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problems for Pavilion DV6 ...

Therefore by closing and opening the laptop lid you 'make or break' the circuit of the wires.

Since the laptop lid is the most used part of a laptop, and the graphics signal is carried on a wire routed via one of the hinges, the wire is bent every time you open then close the laptop lid.

In much the same way as if you fold a credit card, then open it out flat, then gently repeat the process - the credit card will continue for long enough in this way until it eventually snaps.

That is the most likely cause of your problem.

As to the cure: replacement of the connecting cable is the most efficient way. Unfortunately Hewlett Packard do not make much spondooliks from their secondhand trade, mainly down to the relative cost of warehousing for all these components. They WILL sell you a replacement cable but the resultant cost is so prohibitive that you would be cheaper buying a new laptop, which is their main aim in their pricing policy for spares.

Another secondhand HP Pavilion DV6000 might be an appropriate alternative.

Unless you can procure a cheaper source I'm out of ideas.

Squeezing the screen is never a good idea, whatever the motivation.


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Problem found

by royaleagle In reply to The graphics signal is 'w ...

After swapping out both the LCD and the power inverter to another DV6000 machine I found the problem to be the LCD pannel itself... so hopefully next month I will buy one from ebay ~$175 pop it in and off I go.

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Lid sensor

by augustosamame In reply to The graphics signal is 'w ...

You seem to have some knowledge of the workings of the dv6000 LCD. Do you know where the sensor which detects that the LCD lid is closed is located? I have a dv6000 with a stuck sensor that "thinks" the LCD is closed and won't light it up. In other laptops I have found it is a rather obvious plastic pin, but in the dv6000 it is nowhere to be found.

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