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problems in excel

By markyb_2000 ·
i am currently one of a 2 man i.t staff
for a reputable marketing company
and lately we have been having
trouble opening any excel docs
recieved inside e-mails.. we run a
amc network with about 20% p.cs but
it only seems to be recently on win98
and office 2000, is there a problem
between these or the platforms?? as
we are out of ideas and blags to feed
the clients..

mark bunyan

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Excel Problems....We have the same

by cdavis In reply to problems in excel


We have had the same problems here. It appears that once this occurs, the only option is to re-Image the machine. I know that is drastic, but that is the only solution that we have come up with. What we have discovered, is that you don'tneed to do this right away. The user can save the spread sheet, and open it from Excel.

This appears to be some sort of Macro, and some of the other techs here believe it to be a virus, but I have not completely convinced of this.

Let me know if this helps out.

Chauncey Davis

Crown Castle International
Pittsburgh, PA

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Try Win98 Second Edition

by anton26 In reply to problems in excel

When I have Win98 (first edition) installed on my computer, I found some problems on my computer, including problems with my MS Office.

I have to reinstall and reinstall my Win98 in order to solve the problems.

Then, I upgrade my Win98 to Win98 Second Edition.

After upgrading my Win98, the problems have gone and my system is OK until now.

Why don't you try to upgrade your Win98 to Win98 Second Edition ?

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Win98 and Win98 SE and Office 2000

by cdavis In reply to Try Win98 Second Edition

There are some issues with Win98 and Win98SE, but from what Mark has described with the not able to open Excel Attachments from Outlook, we have experienced on several MS Platforms...Mostly on Win95 B, but on others as well.

I agree with your solution of uninstall (or format the drive) The upgrade may work, or Mark, you may want to consider going one further and going to Windows ME, which address several other problems with Win98SE.

Let me know

Chauncey Davis
Crown Castle International

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