Problems in Word and Outlook 2003 selecting and editing Text?

By JoshPayne ·
I have a user that I support that has come to me with this error. Ever since they have installed Adobe Creative suite CS4, they have had trouble using word and outlook.
There are problems selecting / editing text with the cursor and the only way to resolve is to go out of word/outlook.
Once they are out of word / outlook a box comes up saying save changes to PDF custom.... They have been selecting no and can go back into work/outlook and start editing text again... but usually an hour or two later the problem returns.

Have Tried Un-installing and re-installing. Checked so many diffent options in Word. I think it could be related to the Adobe PDF maker addin.

Please Help!

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By the sounds of your description

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems in Word and Outl ...

It sounds as if Word and Outlook have been selected as the Default PDF Editor some how. I would remove CS4 and reinstall it yourself without the user being around and see if this cures the problem.


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If thats the case...

by JoshPayne In reply to By the sounds of your des ...

Then surely there would be a way to change a setting in Outlook, Word or an adobe product most likely Acrobat to get the problem to stop? Don't you think? I will give your suggestion a go, I wouldn't be that suprised if the user was somewhere in the intallation selecting a setting that's causing this. But like I said there should be a way to modify this post intallation.

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Yes I believe that there is a Setting in CS4

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to If thats the case...

That can change this but I believe that it's buried a bit deep in the system. I've found it easier in the past to just remove and reinstall.


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