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Problems Installing HP OfficeJet 5510 All in One

By twinsis ·
I just purchased a new Compaq laptop with Vista on it. I have an HP PC running Windows XP to which the printer is connected. I am using Windows Live One Care on both I started my laptop and I got a pop up box from Live One asking if I wanted to use printer with laptop
and I said yes. A couple of hours later I tried to make a copy from my PC and my printer did not work and my HP Director is gone of my desktop and my tray. I have removed and reinstalled software from HP site, used their 4 step utility removal, disabled my firewall and followed all instructions I could find to resolve problem. I also have Register Cleaner which I have used to make sure nothing
of the software is left behind. I can print on my printer from both PC and from laptop and the HP Director has been on and off the tray several times after the many installs and reinstalls. When you click on the HP Director icon on system tray "when I have one" I get a script error and then if you keep cliking on yes Hp Director finally opens and it's blank except for the word Status. I am almost ready to junk the printer and buy a new one, but it was working perfectly before this ordeal happened.
I am not sure if problem was caused by Windows
Live One Care, the Windows XP vs Vista between PC and Laptop or if the PC inp is playing a dirty trick on ME!!! HP is not an option for support because my experience with them is always. "You'll have to re install Windows on your PC....and that ain't happening, yet I am very frustrated.. can anyone help me!!!!!!

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Do you have Windows system restore enabled?

by robo_dev In reply to Problems Installing HP Of ...

If so, then using system restore to return to the previous software configuration would be the simplest first step to undo the damage that has been done.

HP used to make some very good printers and printer drivers, but my experience with them lately has been very bad, especially with Vista.

Printers are cheap.

I have not tested the Vista drivers for Lexmark, Canon, etc, so they may not be any better. But they could not be any worse.

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Windows System Restore

by twinsis In reply to Do you have Windows syste ...

I have restored my computer back a couple of times and I still have the problem.
The Hp Director icon is on the tray. When I click on it to open I get the script error box if I click yes 2 or 3 times HP Director opens with nothing except for status at the top of page. Is this what you are talking about? I've had this printer for 4 years and this has happened to me several times.
My software dissappears. Is this what you are talking about or a system restore.

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