Problems installing SQL 2005 on SBS 2003 - cant install instance

By jeff ·
We have been trying to install an instance of SQL 2005 workgroup (from Premium CD 2 media) on a SBS 2003 SP2 server that had SharePoint MSDE & SBS MSDE Monitoring installed. When installing SQL 2005, there were no prompts as to instance name, collation, or other SQL defaults. After installation of SQL 2005 & SP2 & SP3, SQL Management Studio About Help showed V9 was installed, but the SharePoint instance indicated V80.

We followed various instructions ( and in an attempt to upgrade SharePoint to Workgroup Edition however they failed. On initial upgrade attempts, we kept getting the message to reinstall from the source DVDs with SKUUPGRADE=1 and after we did so, we kept only being offered to install the client components and documentation that was already installed. We were unable to upgrade the MSDE instance of SharePoint to Workgroup V9.

We then removed all SQL 2005 via Add/Remove programmes and also ran C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\arpwrapper /REMOVE.

No errors on program removal were displayed.

We tried reinstalling SQL 2005 but were only offered the client components and documentation, even though there was no SharePoint or MSDE or 2005 instance.

We then totally removed other SharePoint components, SBS Monitoring MSDE, SharePoint references in IIS by reference to & Microsoft KB article 82**14. to ensure all versions of MS-SQL was removed. Neither SharePoint nor Monitoring are required.

There are no MSSQL services visible or running.

But still after uninstalling after removing all visible references MSSQL, we still cannot install a new instance. On every attempt to reinstall SQL, we are never offered to install an instance and after the standard configuration checks that are all reported as being successful, the installation still only offers to install client components and documentation.

No errors on program installation were displayed.

Can someone please let me know why we cannot properly install SQL 2005 with an instance and let me know how to overcome this problem?

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what are you trying to accomplish?

by CG IT In reply to Problems installing SQL 2 ...

Sharepoint doesn't have anything to do with the Premium content SQL server. It runs under it's own MSDN database server. You should not confuse the 2.

So if you uninstalled the sharepoint server and all instances of MSDN/SQL/ including your SQL 2005, then the first thing you need to do is run the SBS setup from Disc 1 [or the install DVD]. During setup you will be prompted to do maintenance or reinstall SBS components. Reinstall all componets but Exchange. That should fix the sharepoint companyweb problem. If you get a companyweb error during the reinstall process, you might have to create a new site. Use the new site for the sharepoint site.

After you've fixed the ooops damnit removal of Sharepoint Services,

then you install SQL 2005. Run the wizard from the DVD/CD and install the instance including the management tools.

You won't see this in the sys tray. what's in the Systray is the Sharepoint site.

you connect to the SQL database from the tools you installed along with SQL. Choose it from the list when you first run the management tools.

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This isn't

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Problems installing SQL 2 ...

64 bit SBS is it? MS cabbaged that by somehow hacking 32 bit sql2005 on to it, ended up putting sql2008 express on there as well...

It specifically said in an MS article I found not to remove 32 bit 2005.

Interestingly when I ran the check tool in the SQL2008 install it said it has 32 bit Monitoring and sharepoint instances and a 64 bit default instance, but there were no services for the latter.

Given what I've seen, I don't think MS want you to put a full version SQL server on SBS....

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