Problems installing Vista on HP Pavilion zd8000

By frio80 ·
I have a HP Pavilion zd8000 that came with Windows Media Edition. I recently ran the "Vista Compatibility" tool from MS and my laptop passed. I bought vista but am not able to install it. It says "Windows Setup cannot from Windows on this hardware" and then the computer simply shuts down.

Anyone had any issues like this?? Thanks

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You need to install off th DVD that Vista comes on not start Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems installing Vista ...

And try to install Vista from within Windows.

You may need to change the Boot order to DVD, then HDD and save the changes in BIOS and then reboot with the Vista DVD in the DVD Drive but it will work from that point but you will most likely need Vista Drivers for some of your hardware so I would suggest that you make a list of Hardware from within the Media Centre Device Manager and download all the VISTA Drivers just in case you need some that are not supplied on the Vista install DVD.

Things like the Modem Driver and Ethernet Driver are important as you can not download them after you have installed Vista as you can not connect to th Internet to get them.

Of course if you have another computer you can use that to get the Drivers that you need but you may run into problems getting the data to be recognised by Vista as some external USB Devices can not be recognised by Vista.


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I did use the DVD

by frio80 In reply to You need to install off t ...

I installed Vista from the DVD. I cannot install froms Window MCE anymore because I removed the partition.

I'll try the boot order change thingee but I have a funny feeling that's not the culprit.

HP lists this laptop as a 'non-vista' compatible laptop even though when I ran the Vista Compatibility tool, the laptop passes! Other people seem to be running Vista on this laptop so I know its possible. I'll try updated the BIOS, maybe that will do it.

Any other thoughts?

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Well HP will be saying that for legal reasons

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I did use the DVD

So if a problem arises they can not be sued.

As for installing Vista this should work if you boot of the Vista Install DVD provided that's it's not a Slipstreamed Disc for another model with just the necessary drivers for that particular computer. If it's the OEM or Retail copy supplied by M$ it should work. Though you may need to install additional drivers that are not supplied on the Install Media supplied by M$.

If you are going to flash the BIOS I would suggest having the NB either running of the battery or connected to a UPS so in the unlikely event of a Power Failure you have not toasted the M'Board as the BIOS Chip in most NB's is soldered onto the M'Board and once it's been trashed it gets expensive to fix.


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