Problems installing Windows 2003 on a Dell PowerEdge 4400

By kparker1 ·
I have a Dell PowerEdge 4400 server (out of warranty). It was a SQL server for our company and it went down with unspecified errors last September before I joined the company. Another Dell 4400 running Exchange 2003 went down at approximately the same time--again with unspecified errors. The 2 machines were given to me since they had already been written off. The "Exchange Dell 4400" would power up, but I could never get it past the POST. I ended up totally dismantling it (2 Xeon processors, 4 gigs of RAM, 6 SCSI drives---18 to 36 gig Cheetahs, 3 PSUs, etc.) for the parts.

The 1st machine has the same physical configuration but with more drive space. I've succeeded several times in getting it booted to Windows 2003. It will power up OK now, but I can't get it to boot to Windows now. I succeeded once in reinstalling the OS, but it blue-screened on reboot. I have little SCSI (IDE and SATA for me!!) experience---here is where I most need help. It has the embedded Adaptec SCSI ("7900 family"--Dell's description--"integrated Adaptec AIC-7899 SCSI controller") adapters and a Dell PERC 3/DI RAID controller. I have read and multiply re-read all the Dell documentation--all to no avail.

The drives will respond to various SCSI adapter commands and configurations. I can create a new container and such but then, upon reboot, it will say no logical volumes found. I've set it to OS install mode with the 2003 CD in the drive. Which SCSI drivers need to be installed and in what order? Should the drives be low-level formatted? What am I missing? Your help will be most appreciated--thank you!

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Problems installing Windows 2003 on a Dell PowerEdge 4400

by jlouis45 In reply to Problems installing Windo ...

Do you have dell powerEdge 4400 CDs which came alongwith your server. If yes then use them first and it will ask you for your Win2003 Cd once the Server is ready to install the OS. If you do not have them then go to DELL site and download all the relevent setup files and then try to install the OS.
All the issues you have mentioned is because of the configuration settings on the machine. If you have the dell CD it would be easy to go ahead and fix the issue. If not you would require to format make partitions ensure all your hardware is working fine.

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Using Dell CD to install 2003 Server on a Dell 4400

by kparker1 In reply to Problems installing Windo ...

Joe, I've downloaded tons of files from Dell's site. No, I don't have the CD; I will try to download and burn an ISO, but it isn't bootable that I'm aware of. Any other help that you or anyone else can provide will be greatly appreciated!

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That is all not really needed

by internalregistration In reply to Using Dell CD to install ...

I know this is an old issue, but it may still help someone:

all you have to do is config, create and prepare your RAID Array(s) then boot off of the cd, hit F6 and install the PERC3/di drivers and a way you go, if it doesn't work then i don't know what to tell you. Possibly a hardware issue or it is just not compatible, i have personally only installed windows 2000 server on them.

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