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    Problems Joing user computers to 2003 DC


    by ronjones ·

    I have reimaged my computers using AF standard Disks and configued GP to allow for me to join all said computer to my 2003 DC but I am unable to do so. I kown that I am missing a setting but for the life of me I cannot see it, any Ideas out there?

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      by ronjones ·

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        Server Conifguration

        by ronjones ·

        In reply to Step By Step Guide for Windows Server 2003 Domain

        I all ready did this prior to joining my computers and I found my NIC works and I can join said computers to another domain but not to the correct Domain. I can ping said computer from Server but I can not ping or joing said computer to said DC/Server.

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          Any particular error messages

          by seanferd ·

          In reply to Server Conifguration

          or anything in event logs on either clients or server?

          At first blush, though, this sounds like a network connectivity issue. (Unless ping is the only test you have run and the server is set to ignore ICMP packets.) Are clients routed properly to the server? DNS server have records for the new domain/server?

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          IP / DNS

          by churdoo ·

          In reply to Server Conifguration

          Is the DNS setting of said client computers referencing the IP of said DC/server?

          From said client computer, can you resolve the domain name that you are trying to join with the NSLOOKUP command? Can you resolve the FQDN of said DC/Server?

          Are said computers and said Server in the same IP network?

          Are any firewalls enabled on either said clients or said server?

          It almost sounds like said computers and said server are on opposite sides of a NAT device.

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          NAT problems

          by ronjones ·

          In reply to IP / DNS

          Thank you for your help it was the NAT Device and it was due to VPN/Server issuses on the Server that I start and do not need.

          Thanks again

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