Problems Mapping Drives on WinXP Pro Machine on a Windows 2003 Domain

By schwietertj ·
I am having problems getting profiles to automatically map network drives on domained machines. I have the location for their network share set in their profile (\\server\username) but only certain users can get their drives mapped. We have two domains, one is called WIN the other is ACC. The problem is on the WIN domain. The computers they are logging into have the DNS suffixes defined in the TCP/IP properties. The server that the shares are located are also on the WIN domain. If anyone who has had similar problems can give some insight, I would be extremely thankful.

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Cna you copy the path from their

by Dumphrey In reply to Problems Mapping Drives o ...

profile and map it manually on the machines?
Any differences in set up between your AAC domain and your WIN domain controllers?

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Not sure if I can help but. . .

by sykofnetic In reply to Problems Mapping Drives o ...

I am actually trying to set up a roaming profile that will have a mapped network drive in it.

I set up the mapped drive on my test profile, logged out and logged into a different computer. All my setting and customizations show up on the other computer except the mapped drive.

Is there an easy solution to this? It sounds like you have done it but are running into a problem. I'm just trying to figure out how to do it and maybe I can help you find a solution.

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Solution to your problem

by Jon In reply to Problems Mapping Drives o ...

net use o: //"your folder here"

okay if this is the batch script style you are running than this will work. After you have a mount drive batch file made put it into /sysvol on the domain controller. Then in AD under the policy tab put the file name. Do this one both DC's, unless they are linked together, then they should self replicate.

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Here is the exact way I have done it full details

by Jon In reply to Solution to your problem

C:\WINNT\SYSVOL\sysvol\"My domain".com\script
This is where you place the script.
Go into users under active directory, double click a profile you want to map. There is a tab labeled PROFILE, then the 2nd text box down is for logon script, make sure you put the file name there. This should replicate to any computer that user logs into. As I stated in my above post, it should work on both Domain Controllers if they are replicated to each other. You will have to add that logon script to every user you add or already have in AD.

Hope that helps you.

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