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Problems migrating Win2003 PDC to new hardware

By martyr ·
I am migrating Win2003 from old hardware to new. The server is the PDC and DNS server for the network. I have the new hardware up and transferred the DNS and all FMSO rolls and have made the new hardware a Global Catalog. Everything appears ok. But when I remove the GC from the old hardware the exchange server fails. I have restarted all involved hardware and also waited for replication.. but the exchange server continues to look for the old hardware.

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well what are the steps you took?

by CG IT In reply to Problems migrating Win200 ...

This doesn't sound like moving an existing instance to new hardware, rather adding an additional server and then retiring the old server.

Which is it.

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Retiring the old

by martyr In reply to well what are the steps y ...

Adding new hardware and retiring the old.

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Did you add the new server as a member server

by CG IT In reply to Retiring the old

to the domain? Then dcpromo promote the server to a domain controller. Then allowed replication between the two domain controllers to take place before you transfered all roles to the new server?

Exchange will look for a domain controller, if you didn't configure exchange to now use the new domain controller, you'll get errors.

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by martyr In reply to Did you add the new serve ...

Yes I added the new hardware to the domain, then using dcpromo added it as a domain controller. I then transferred the FSMO rolls to the new hardware. I made the new system a Global Catalog. It?s at the spot when I tried to remove the GC from the old hardware when the problem shows itself.

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You don't remove the GC role from the old one

by CG IT In reply to steps..

you add the GC role to the new server.

And then you have to tell the other servers and workstations in the AD domain to use the new server. That's done in DNS.
note: don't forget the sysvol and netlogon share...

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Maybe computer name or the IP address

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to steps..

unfortunately, i know nothing about exchange.
But maybe there is something in the exchange server configuration that force it to use the IP address or the computer name of the old PDC server.

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Post 10 . ~DNS

by martyr In reply to Maybe computer name or th ...

I am editing a previous post as the forum wont allow me to post new. I checked the dns per the technet article and it all checked ok. As far as making an entry. The only thing I did per the KB i followed was install DNS server on the new hardware and then join the Domain and promote the server. After that the DNS info replicated and I didn't make any changes.

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moving the global catalog role

by CG IT In reply to Post 10 . ~DNS

but all this assumes you added the server the correct way and that assumes you listed the domain controller in DNS.**(WS.10).aspx

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Start a new line....

by CG IT In reply to Problems migrating Win200 ...

If your exchange server still does not pickup the new Global Catalog server after following the MS KB articles, then the DC your trying to add the role to isn't setup right.

Note: for Active Directory to function, DNS must be running. If you have your DNS servers also running on your domain controllers, you have to install and second DNS server that also provides zone data for the domain.

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In addition to what CG has stated,

by Churdoo In reply to Problems migrating Win200 ...

There are a couple of places in ESM that you have to touch/verify when replacing a DC/GC.

Bring up ESM
First, dig down to your exchange server under your Administrative Group and check Properties / Directory Access tab. Verify that this has updated properly (assuming "Automatically discover servers" is checked).

Second, under Recipients / Recipient Update Services, you will have to MANUALLY update RUS to your new DC and rebuild the enterprise and domain RUS.

I think that's all you have to touch in ESM to replace a DC/GC.

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