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Problems Opening Office Files

By TBONE75 ·
Here is my dillema. When opening a word or excel file by going through windows explorer there is a significant delay in the file opening. But if we open the word or excel program, then go to file, open and browse for the file, it opens fine without a problem and there is no delay.

We are using symantec corporate edition which I thought might be causing the problem but I am not sure.

They are connected to the network also so its not because of a map drive that isnt connected or anything.

We are using Office 2003 SP1 on a Windows XP with SP2 on it. The workstations are running on all the latest patches for windows and office.

If anyone has any suggestions for me, I am all ears!


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Try Techincal Q&A forum

by Oz_Media In reply to Problems Opening Office F ...

The TEch Q&A forum is for asking these types of questions, as opposed to this discusison forum which would be more for open topics without a resolution needed.

Link is up top.

Good luck

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Wrong forum.

by deepsand In reply to Problems Opening Office F ...

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions." There you will be more likely to get the attention of those seeking questions that they might answer.

You should re-post there.

Thank you..

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A Solution to Your Problem

by ggumisme In reply to Problems Opening Office F ...

This fix worked for me for all the Office products with which I was having the previously reported problem. I will explain the fix with respect to Excel:

Go to the Control Panel, Folder Options, File Types. Highlight XLS
extension and then click Advanced. Click Open from the list, and then click
Edit. Add "%1" (quotes are needed) to the end of the Application used
string (which will be /e for the Excel XLS extension.) Also uncheck the DDE
box. This strategy resolved my problems for Excel 2003, for Word 2003, and for Compaq Visual FORTRAN.

I have no idea how my machine acquired this problem to begin with, and I would really like to know. However, at least there is a fix.

Best Wishes,

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