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Problems Pasting into Word 2002

By maggie-o ·
Brand new PC,XP,SP2,OFFICE 2002. Was fine pasting screen prints into Word. Then did some updates (Sun Java and GPEdit etc. prompted by Dell) These included Office SP's up to SP3. Then when pasting screen print (small.. like MSCONFIG screen) into Word doc, the cursor would move down the page, but you can't see the screen (any text/print) until you press Enter then the pasted thing shows up. If you click on it before pressing enter, you see it is "picture" but you can't see it until move cursor to end and press enter. Uninstalled/Reinstall w/no Serv Pack, still problem. Delete Normal.Dot, goes away briefly but comes back. Picture Placeholder is unchecked. Also, one time pasted a line of text from a web page into Outlook Express 6 and same thing happened. Pasting plain text in Word and OE is fine. HELP! Thanks!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Problems Pasting into Wor ...

Is it possible that you are running out of memory and not displaying the picture?

Also, what view mode are you in with Word (Normal, Web Layout Print Layout)? Does the issue change if you change the view mode?

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by maggie-o In reply to

Well, I don't believe it, but I updated my video driver and my problem with pasting into word seems to have gone away.. I uninstalled the drivers and XP just "re-did" them when I restarted and for now my problem has been resolved.. Somehow I rejected sgt_shultz's answer.. Didn't mean to.. Would share the points with him, as he said the same thing.. But I don't know how.. So sgt_shultz, if you read this, thanks very much.. Really appreciate the help from you all.
- Maggie

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Problems Pasting into Wor ...

dunno. i would kneejerk video or memory except for your tests in other apps and the intriguing 'goes away briefly' after replacing
so now i vote for obscure setting in word or word bug. how about, paste your post into an email to MS and see what happens.
how does pasting into WordPad work?
what about giving a crack a updated or different video driver (if using the one from XP, try using the latest version from mfg website or vice versa.) did you do any performance or graphics settings diddling? has it done this since you set up the box

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by maggie-o In reply to

Here's some more into.. re the Normal.Dot file.. When I delete it, there is none.. Word opens, and the screens paste fine.. until the first time I close word -- I can close and open docs and be okay, until I close the application -- and the new is created. So I don't think it's the video driver.. but I'll try to update that anyway.. I could paste fine into wordpad.. I did some Sun Java update which did send me to the MS site for OFFICE updates which updated Word. AFter that I unintslled entire office and reinstalled.. but maybe the stayed.. I will send to MS Support too.. but if either of you have more ideas, most appreciated.. Tried to paste into Outlook Express message but can't. maybe never could.. not sure! It seems it has to have something to do with that Hmmm. Thanks.

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by glyall In reply to Problems Pasting into Wor ...

here is a great little screen capturing program.
go the the following site and download
This program is adware ( it show an ad it the bottom of the program) it can be remove for about $10.

I have been using it for years with no problems importing into MS Word and other word processers like OpenOffice(I like it better then MS Office).

Try it out, it is one the BEST graphic tool programs on the web.

Hope this helps

Good Luck

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by maggie-o In reply to Problems Pasting into Wor ...

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