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Problems printing Adobe Forms files

By mrleo1957 ·
When trying to print ADOBE FDF files from an internet site it automatically tries to save rather than open the file for printing. It gives you no choices other than "save." It was working, then I made the following changes and it stopped entirely. I am on XP.
1. Installed IE2
2. Upgraded to Spybot 1.3
3. Upgraded to Adobe reader 6.01

Then it stopped working, so I uninstalled 6.01 and reinstalled 5.05. That didn't fix it so I uninstalled IE2, which not only didn't fix the problem but made the shortcuts I had saved stop working. Undid all changes made by Spybot & uninstalled it, still didn't help. Have run System Mechanic 4, Norton & PCBugDoctor to no avail. I'm about ready to format & start over! Any suggestions???

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Problems printing Adobe F ...

gosh. i wonder exactly what you mean by stopped working. if meant literally then there is configuration in reader somewhere a check box for open from internet. that setting probably explains why you could only save. if you can't open it, save is about the only other thing.
put everything back the way it was and uninstall and reinstall all adobe acrobat stuff then reinstall with latest version of reader then double-check this setting. open the reader program and look in file/properties or tools/options or some such can't remember exactly sorry

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by mrleo1957 In reply to Problems printing Adobe F ...

Sgt Schultz,
I 've uninstalled & reinstalled everything several times. The "open" box is checked. Finally got my shortcuts working, but it still tries to save the pdfs. About ready to to a wipe & reinstall of the whole system.

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