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Problems printing via ipp

By Richimber ·
Hi Folks,

I have an HP4550 printer connected to a win2k network via a jetdirect card.

I connected several users to the printer via ipp and this appeared to work fine initially. I was able to 'see' the printer during the configuration of the client machines and was able to print test pages leaving a bunch of happy printing campers behind me.

Suddenly, users reported being unable to print. When I attempted to check the printer in the 'Printers' window on a client machine it 'hung' for about 30 seconds before telling me 'Printer not found on server, unable to connect'. This despite the fact that I could not only 'ping' the printer but could also telnet to it and log in as the administrator. All the settings seemed fine, to my eyes anyway.

Then, without warning and without me changing anything, the printer seemed to come back to life. Then it 'went down' again. Then it came back up and has been up and down like the proverbial lady of the night's undergarments ever since.

Anybody got any ideas as to what might be causing this ?

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by jschein In reply to Problems printing via ipp

had some run ins wit hsome of these printers and jet direct cards. I would 1st suggest that you get the HP utilities - Web Jet Admin and what not and update the firmware on the jetdirect card 1st.

After I had done that on mine, they were good to go, no issues. Only one out of a few hundred had a bad jetdirect card. If under warranty, great, if not, they cost from 200-300 USD.

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by voldar In reply to Problems printing via ipp

I don't know what is the configuration of your network, if all users print via IP, or you have a printserver. If all user print via IP, then you have to remind that IP do not support "queue". Any time two users send in the same time print jobs, only one at the time will be performed, the other will receive the "unable to connect" message. I suggest you to setup a printserver - a DC or member server, install the printer drivers on it, and then share the printer to the others from that server. This way, you'll manage the printing sessions, and all the problems you have will be solved.

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