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    Problems searching inside Acronis .tib extentions


    by roise4000 ·

    Hi there, i have a small problem with the .tib archives in my computer, they are causing my searches to return errors. I had no idea that searches actually search inside .tib archives as well. After trying to search for something a few times, and after each time the searcher returning errors, i did some research 🙂 and found out that every time the search hits the .tib file – it fails. So, if you don’t know why, you can just tell me what to change in the registry or anywhere else, so the searches won’t look inside .tib files, but only those. I still want to be able to look inside .rar files.

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      by roise4000 ·

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      searching inside archives with widows search service

      by roise4000 ·

      In reply to Problems searching inside Acronis .tib extentions

      hello. How can choose inside which archives should the windows search service search?
      Right now, whenever I run a search for anything, the search will look into archives as well, like .rar, .zip, .tib(acronis image). i would like to make the search service stop the searches inside the .tib extensions, cause that is making my search time double every time :-/

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        When Indexing Service is ON, no folders found!…

        by roise4000 ·

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        thanks True Blue. First, wanted to let you know that i am using XP and I just started using the Indexing service:) lol. After i make a catalog and include directories in it… after the service is done indexing stuff, it searches really fast, but doesn’t search for directories ?!!! :-/
        example: search for “pictures” in ‘My Documents’. Result: Only files that include the word “pictures” would appear. Folders – NO!
        When the indexing service is OFF, i dont have such a problem…
        Example: when i search for “pictures” inside ‘My Documents’, “My Pictures” folder would appear as result! I tried to read about it in the help or search the NET, nothing on the subject… ?! any ideas?

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          See if this helps

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to When Indexing Service is ON, no folders found!…

          Click on Start, Help and Support and in the Search box type in Search for a File or a Folder and press Enter.

          Check your Advanced settings when you open Search as I have just checked with the Indexing Service enabled and I had Files and Folders when searching for Pictures.

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