Problems searching inside Acronis .tib extentions

By roise4000 ·
Hi there, i have a small problem with the .tib archives in my computer, they are causing my searches to return errors. I had no idea that searches actually search inside .tib archives as well. After trying to search for something a few times, and after each time the searcher returning errors, i did some research :) and found out that every time the search hits the .tib file - it fails. So, if you don't know why, you can just tell me what to change in the registry or anywhere else, so the searches won't look inside .tib files, but only those. I still want to be able to look inside .rar files.

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searching inside archives with widows search service

by roise4000 In reply to Problems searching inside ...

hello. How can choose inside which archives should the windows search service search?
Right now, whenever I run a search for anything, the search will look into archives as well, like .rar, .zip, .tib(acronis image). i would like to make the search service stop the searches inside the .tib extensions, cause that is making my search time double every time :-/

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When Indexing Service is ON, no folders found!...

by roise4000 In reply to A couple of links

thanks True Blue. First, wanted to let you know that i am using XP and I just started using the Indexing service:) lol. After i make a catalog and include directories in it... after the service is done indexing stuff, it searches really fast, but doesn't search for directories ?!!! :-/
example: search for "pictures" in 'My Documents'. Result: Only files that include the word "pictures" would appear. Folders - NO!
When the indexing service is OFF, i dont have such a problem...
Example: when i search for "pictures" inside 'My Documents', "My Pictures" folder would appear as result! I tried to read about it in the help or search the NET, nothing on the subject... ?! any ideas?

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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to When Indexing Service is ...

Click on Start, Help and Support and in the Search box type in <i>Search for a File or a Folder</i> and press Enter.

Check your Advanced settings when you open Search as I have just checked with the Indexing Service enabled and I had Files and Folders when searching for Pictures.

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