Problems starting computer after virus cleanup

By s1135 ·
Hi. I am not able to enter my computer after virus cleanup. I get the Windows xp screen and I see me as user, but I can not enter the computer further. When I click on "me" it get the message "loading personal setting" and it starts working and then it log off again. I have tried to reboot by pressing F2 but I don't get the "bootup" screen.

Obviously something happened to the system while cleaning viruses. My virus protection had expired and there were coming viruses and worms. I ran Trend housecall four times and then set up new virus protections, which started by also removing some worms and stuff. Then I restarted the computer, but it won't restart. I got the computer fully set up, so I don't have CD to prepare start-up disk.

Can someone point me to a website or explain what I should do?

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What is the

by ctrservices In reply to Problems starting compute ...

make and model of the PC?

In the mean time, can you start in Safe Mode (restart PC and tap the F8 key every second or two until you get a menu, then select Safe Mode with the cursor keys, press the Enter key)?

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Profile corrupt

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Problems starting compute ...

Sounds like a corrupt profile. Move the profile from c:\Documents and Settings to a another part of disk e.g. C:\Backup, then try logging in again as that user.

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