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    Problems starting computer after virus cleanup


    by s1135 ·

    Hi. I am not able to enter my computer after virus cleanup. I get the Windows xp screen and I see me as user, but I can not enter the computer further. When I click on “me” it get the message “loading personal setting” and it starts working and then it log off again. I have tried to reboot by pressing F2 but I don’t get the “bootup” screen.

    Obviously something happened to the system while cleaning viruses. My virus protection had expired and there were coming viruses and worms. I ran Trend housecall four times and then set up new virus protections, which started by also removing some worms and stuff. Then I restarted the computer, but it won’t restart. I got the computer fully set up, so I don’t have CD to prepare start-up disk.

    Can someone point me to a website or explain what I should do?

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