Problems starting pc with xp pro.

By rc.rushton ·
I'm using a pc with xp pro. It had been packed away, when i set it back up i tried switching it on, it comes back with the message "system32\driver\pci.sys", so i tried to boot from disc and i get the message "Setupdd.sys could not be loaded error code 14.

I would appreciate help to resolve this issue.

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Hardware failure of a PCI device, or a failed memory module

by robo_dev In reply to Problems starting pc with ...

or you might need to just unplug and re-seat the memory and the PCI cards.

# Shut down your computer, and then remove all the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices.
# Restart your computer.

* If Windows starts successfully, shut down your computer, and then reinstall the PCI devices one at a time. Start Windows after the installation of each device. When you install a device that causes the issue that is described in the "Symptoms" section, remove that device, and then continue to install the other PCI devices.
* If Windows does not start successfully, remove one or more of the memory modules that are installed in your computer. Leave sufficient RAM for your computer to start and run Windows XP.

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CMOS Battery near-failure?

by oldbaritone In reply to Problems starting pc with ...

When I read "it has been packed away", I wonder how long that has been.

First, I'd try reloading CMOS factory defaults, save and reboot. If that fixes it, you may need a new CMOS battery.

Next, I wonder about under what conditions it was "packed away". Temperature/humidity/moisture extremes, vermin infestation and other ugly things happen to systems "in storage"

Sometimes these can be corrected by re-seating the components in their connectors. Other times they may have been damaged beyond repair.

After that, you might try booting from the original installation CD and running "repair."

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Dreaded Capacitor Problem

by TheChas In reply to Problems starting pc with ...

Both previous answers are good suggestions and may be the cause.

Don't ignore that many XP era systems may have been built with bad capacitors on the motherboard. This can also cause a number of strange startup and boot failures.

Make sure all the drive cables and plug-in cards are properly seated.


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