problems transfering Outlook 2003 files to Vista

By AlchemistOfLife ·
Greetings all;
like most, my new laptop arrived with Vista. Having installed my Office 2003 on the new laptop, at least 2 problems so far have come up:
1) I cannot SEND email from outlook - DESPITE the fact that the Email Accounts -> send test message works fine, and
2) my very own Outlook tells me that the format of my Contacts.pst folder on the older laptop is not supported (I tried import, save as, copy, any number of things - all unsuccesfully).
Thanks for any advice (would I be better off reformating the entire new drive and installing XP from scratch?)

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to problems transfering Outl ...

1. Are you sending email to an ISP email account or to a work's email account or something else? Recheck SMTP/Outgoing server settings, some encryption or authentication settings may need to be changed.

2. Outlook 2003 supports the new Unicode and the older ANSI format of PST files. Outlook 2002 or older only used the ANSI format which is limited to 2GB. So I cannot see why is not the correct format (may sure PST file is not set to read only in the properties or something and is in a r/w'able location on the HD).

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nope, I'm using gmail in POP3, as I've used for 5 years

by AlchemistOfLife In reply to Email

Receiving works without any problem; all my Office 03 programs work fine. It is EXCLUSIVELY the "send" that causes errors, and it doesn't matter whom the recipient is, I cannot even send an email to myself from my Outlook on the new Lenovo, even though the "send test email" works fine from within the "Tools > Email Accounts" .

It's completely baffling! I have of course completely uninstalled and reinstalled MS Office - no improvement. HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP before I go TOTALLY insane!


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to nope, I'm using gmail in ...

Settings are here:


In Outlook, in the Email Account settings, click on 'More Settings', Outgoing Server and make sure Authentication is enabled using same settings as incoming server. Then you should be able to send mail.

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been there, done that, double/triple/quadruple checked

by AlchemistOfLife In reply to POP3

and it still doesn't work! I've pulled out my old laptop and compared every single setting on 9 different POP accounts: all work 100% on the old XP-based PC, none work on the new Vista BUT ONLY FOR SENDING! HEEELLLLPPP ---- and THANKSSSS

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Secure connection and ports on outbound smtp

by Screen Gems In reply to been there, done that, do ...

make sure the outbound smtp port settings for Gmail are correct and whether gmail smtp requires secure connections.

Also Outlook sometimes forgets user names or passwords.

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by Sue T In reply to problems transfering Outl ...

it sounds like you have Office 2003 on your old laptop also so there should be no problems exporting and importing your contacts unless possibly they are corrupt. You could try exporting them from your old laptop as a CSV file and then importing that on the new laptop.

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I've tried - but it says type of file (.csv OR .pst) not compatible

by AlchemistOfLife In reply to contacts

It also will not SEND email from Outlook. I receive emails fine, and I'm even able to send from "Email Accounts > Modify > send test email" without a problem (I've tried on 9 POP accounts) but it is unable of sending from within Outlook. Despair looms! Thanks for any and all help.

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Create a new PST

by p.j.hutchison In reply to I've tried - but it says ...

I would suggest creating a new PST for your Profile and import mail from the old PST and see if that solves it.

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I have tried that too

by AlchemistOfLife In reply to Create a new PST

and tried including only emails, then the entire Today file, and several variations on the theme - I still can't send.

To make things worse, my new computer asked me to install Windows Mail, so I did. It works fine sending and receiving. However somehow in its installation, it deleted all my older mail folders in Outlook 03!

Am I hopelessly unfortunate???

thax again

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read only or archive?

by Screen Gems In reply to I have tried that too

change the attributes fromread only to archive

also don't copy from the CD.

move the pst folder to the desktop, then try it...while not really a recognized problem by Microsoft, i've run into it and it's worked for me. eg. Quicken has this problem with their import and export so I tried it with Outlook pst files and it worked. :shrug:::

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