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Problems viewing video files

By miki_pet ·
I have a real problem viewing analog captured videos:
I have a 1.5G P4 (INTEL), 2X45G IBM HDs, Asus 7700 deluxe, 512 Rdram, DV firewire card and miro DC30 card.
Using WinMe.
I'm using a DC30 miro capture card (Pinnacle) - the worst cardI know - for a price of 620$ ...
I'm using it for capturing from a VCR, helped by AVI_IO software.
The DC30 has no drivers for Win2k or XP, so I have to make "chops" of about 2G, put them on the time line of Prem 6.01, and

from there - after editing - back to the VCR. In this case, AVI_IO real helps me, because it divides the movie up to 100 x 2G

- so I can capture a movie WITHOUT DROP FRAMES - about 12G - 14G per hour.
My main purpose was (and still is) to edit wedding clips or movies.
Here I got my first problem: after capturing - whether with AVI_IO or Pinnacle's software - when I want to see on my monitor

the movie, I don't get a smooth motion - it stops for about 2 mS every second, and it looks like a robot move. I tried to

watch the clips with PowerDVD, AsusDVD, with the Playa or the Windows software - the same result.
Only with Premiere's player I see a smooth motion - so I can record it to the VCR.
I found that it works well with an "oldie" program named SMARTCAP - but in a small screen.
The only think that I can figure out is that somehow VFW is controling some (most?) of the programs,
and maybe is not affecting other, like Premiere 6 player.
Now I got a new idea - to try to record a movie for watching on a CDR
- as I've seen some movies downloaded from the internet on 2 - 3 CDS.
As I understood, they were converted to Mpeg2 - or Mpeg4.

I don't know anyone who is in "video business" - so what I'm doing is "hunting in the dark"...
I'llbe very thankful for any help.

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Problems viewing video files

by Bob Sellman In reply to Problems viewing video fi ...

Although I haven't been working with analog source movies, I've recently upgraded to a P4 system (1.4G)/512RDRAM/two 80 gig HD/WinXP to finally get movie editing working.

Viewing movies on the screen can be "jerky" due to the settings of the viewer. Also, since you have broken up the movie into 2-4 gig chunks, some rendering or file manipulation is needed everytime you play back a movie.

I would first suggest buying a digital camcorder, available for as little as $500-$600. Then do all of your video interfacing through the firewire and the camcorder. And the cmacorder can be used in the future for getting a better quality original recording.

I would strongly urge you to upgrade to either Windows XP or 2000 because they can handle file sizes larger than 4 gig. (I recently finished editing a vacation video down to 80 minutes...and a 17 gig file.) Working with the smaller file sizes is, as you mention, a real pain.

I'm also going to recommend another video editing program, one that has so many capabilities you can never learn to use all of them. It's Video Deluxe from Magix. ( Believe it or not, it costs all of $50! I learned about it because I have been using their Samplitude Master for high quality CD production ( Video Deluxe also gives you the ability to determine the quality of the viewing within the program when editing/viewing, since the less accurate the viewing the less of a drain on your system resources.

Regarding CDR, if you can find a good solution let me know. I've tried VCD and SVCD formats and the quality is terrible. Mpeg2 is used for DVD..but you need a DVD writer and the media is still expensive (about $10 per blank DVDR). And there are still competing formats for writeable DVDs.

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