Problems when one internet connections goes down

By AruJammer ·
A few month's ago i set up 2 internet connections (ISP-1 and ISP-2) on my Sonicwall 2040 Pro.
I use ISP-1 for my servers and ISP-2 for my users.
Everything work ok, till a few days ago I noticed that when ISP-1 goes down, my users don't have internet connection till ISP-1 come's up again.

What could be the problem.?
I think i could be a DNS problem, but don't where exacly to look.

We have a windows 2003 server, which is our DNS and DHCP server.
User's and servers are on the same subnets.

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Interface Segregation?

by In reply to Problems when one interne ...

What method did you use to configure the 2040 Pro to use one ISP for one group of computers and the other ISP for another group of computers? Before we can help you, we need a little more background on the configuration - define in words, what networks/devices are connected to which interfaces and the firewall and routing rules for each interface. For your safety, use fictitious networks.

As a different approach -- unless you have a specific ISP set up for the servers, hosting or what else, I would recommend utilizing the active/passive load "balanced" Internet connection feature if you have two ISPs --

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by AruJammer In reply to Interface Segregation?

Here's how it looks like
X1--> ISP-1, X2--> ISP-2, X3--> LAN

ISP's are different providers.

The LAN has one subnet for example:
From this subnet: are used for servers are used for users

Users get an internal ip from a Win2003 DHCP/DNS server. While servers use static ip's.

The sonicwall is configured so that ISP-1 is the default internet connection. For the users we made an address object with the range ip and made a nat and routing rule to use ISP-2 on X2.

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look at the routing tables

by CG IT In reply to Problems when one interne ...

what you don't provide is how those 2 internet connections are utilized.

Yes if you don't specify the different ISP DNS servers,but only 1 set from 1 link, when that goes down, all lose internet connectivity.

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