Problems with a Compaq Pressario F767

By V4rg4s01 ·
I have a problem with ma Compaq Presario F767.. Every time i turn the thing on. Evertyhing runs fine, but the fan is very loud and whenever I try to run the computer to a 100% it runs for 5 to 10 minutes and shuts itself down...Amybody knows why?

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Laptop fan making a noice

by salim In reply to Problems with a Compaq Pr ...

I think , it is time to change the fan of the cooling system. It is a wear and tear as time goes. If you keep running it like this, it may burn the motherboard.

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Well for starters grab a copy of the Service Manual from here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems with a Compaq Pr ...

And follow any directions in replacing the Fan in the NB. Also clean out any air ways including the CPU's Heat Sink as the most likely reason for the shut down is overheating due to blocked Colling Vents or worse still you are completely blocking the Air Intake for the CPU Cooler.

You shouldn't have any lose coverings or paper under the NB when it is running as this can get sucked up and block the Air intakes.

You should also always use a Cool Pad like this one under every NB

These serve 2 main purposes one is to keep the NB internals cool and the other is by having a High Air Speed being sucked away from the NB Dust and other Airborne Contaminates do not enter the NB and start to block the cooling ducts and vents.


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possible cause

by ismail.magued In reply to Problems with a Compaq Pr ...

first of all
when did you buy your notebook?1,2, years ago?
try running your cpu cooler dont run it so hard
your fan is is running verry loud because is probable its trying to cool your cpu.
so just try running your cpu cooler
and run a check for spyware and unwanted applications.
unwanted applications will cause your cpu to spin at 100%.
do all the above
by the way check your hard disk for errors and left over files
do all of the above and tell me what happens.
1.) could very much be spyware
2.) have your fan checked out and greased right away. An un serviced fan and spyware can cause alot of damage very quickly
3.) check your hard for possible errors
get back to me when you do all of the above
if there is still an issue with your pc
tell me
the first you do before anything
get your fan checked out ASAP.
tellthe technician to do allof the above only go to a compaq licensed technician.

lease keep me updated
ill check this post regularly

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