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I am a Computer Network Instructor at a 2 year college. We have a lab setup here so that we can simulate a large network environment. I have the lab completely up except for the fact that it will not pass DNS info to the clients.

Ok, let me explain how the network is connected, I am going to describe just one lab area, there are 4 total but they are all doing the same thing. There is an external connection to the rest of campus, connected to this is a server, main, acting like a firewall/webserver (this is working perfectly no problems at all). The main server is connected to one side of a cisco 1720, e0, and the other side of the router, f0, is connected to a switch, unmanaged. From the switch a connection goes to the router for area1, again a cisco 1720 named router1 port e0. The other side of the router, f0, is connected to another unmanaged switch. This switch has a server and 3 clients connected to it. This is the physical connections.

Now for the actual setup:

main server e0 - 10.x.x.x (dhcp from student network on campus)
e1 - (connects to f0 on router 'main')
main e0 - - connects to switch and the rest of the network
f0 - (connects to server main)

router1 e0 - (connects to router main through switch)
f0 - (connects to switch and "network 1")

problem desciption:

router main - works fine through the main server, firewall, will ping a symbolic name fine. have access-lists setup to allow all.

router 1 - will ping numeric ip address fine, but will not do dns resolution. Also has access-list that allows all.

Please let me know if you need anymore info to help with this.

To restate the problem, I am trying to figure out why the main router will not pass dns traffic from router1 to the student network.

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