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By evangy ·
My department designs and publishes a number of forms created in Adobe Pagemaker 7.0. For large print orders, we must use a printer that requires the forms to be converted to pdf files - somehow in this conversion, the electronic pdf file does not match the camera-ready Pagemaker version. There are text realignments, missing text, extra spacing, etc.

The original original Pagemaker files are several versions old; these files have been updated with every version upgrade and reused. When I work with the files on my workstation, I get error messages referencing fonts that are outdated (Times Roman rather than Times New Roman, e.g.). I had thought that this is the reason for the conversion problem, but these ancient fonts that are referenced do not exist anywhere in the document. Someone in our IT staff thought he had read somewhere that Pagemaker has a bug in that embedded fonts tend to stay "embedded" - even after deleting sections of text. Is this true?

I need to figure a solution to this problem as this has a huge financial impact on our section's bottom line. Do I need to advise our developers that they need to re-do every form from scratch (which will not get me invited to any after-hours dinner parties), or is there something else I can try in converting these files. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Problems with Adobe produ ...

i bet it is not font conversion either. who knows what pagemaker is doing as it 'composes' for the printer that was specified for the document. have you contacted adobe about this problem. i know there are recommendations. but easiest is to just get the pdfs straight out of pagemaker by printing to pdf maker printer driver adobe has. that seems to me like it has to work. can you get your hands on the pdf printer driver and try creating them that way. maybe on the acrobat website. i would call adobe about this.

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